Chad Ehlers leaves a lasting impact on the lives of his followers

Chad Ehlers leaves a lasting impact on the lives of his followers

Feb 5, 2021, 1:57:04 AM Business

Chad Ehlers, known online as da_chad, is an influencer who left his career as a nurse to leave a lasting impact on the lives of his followers through the power of social media. He is the founder of Chad Change, a movement that has attracted over 440 influencers to spread a message of positivity and support to their followers on various social media platforms. When asked about his journey thus far and his mission to change lives, Chad had some incredible insights. 

Overcoming Adversity With A Smile 

Although Chad is an incredibly optimistic person and constantly spreads positivity through his large platform, he has faced more challenges and sadness in his life than anyone should. He was homeless at 17 years old, became a single father to a 3-month-old daughter, lost his wife to depression and ultimately suicide, and is currently taking care of his youngest daughter battling leukemia. 

When asked how he has the inspiration to keep going, his answer was simple: “You can’t go back and fix what is done, but you can use the story that you went through to save as many people as possible and that’s why I started the Chad Change Movement.” 

Leaving An Impact 

Chad Change has spread like wildfire across the internet, and it’s helped thousands of people realize that they are loved and have the ability to get through any situation. While the movement has allowed Chad to build a large following on social media, he is motivated above all by the outpouring of appreciation for what he’s doing. He says, “My biggest reward is all of the hundreds of people that come to me and say I want you to know your movement saved my life.” 

Having Fun 

Chad’s presence as a social media influencer has the ability to positively impact people by the thousands, but Chad still loves to have fun. He hosts dance classes on Zoom. Zoom classes allow Chad to be able to stay connected with his audience on a personal level and have fun with them at the same time. The classes are full of laughs and good times. Chad says, “Being able to forget about the stress of the day and just have fun is something everyone needs in their lives.”

Chad has dealt with heartbreak in his past, and it’s empowered him to leave as much of an impact as he possibly can on others. He’s grateful for the situations he’s been through, as the Chad Change family would have never been started. Now that the movement is gaining momentum on a daily basis, Chad won’t stop until he’s able to tell every single person on the internet that they matter and they too can persevere.

Published by Jason Steinberg

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