How Mads Kristensen’s Mindset Made Him A Successful Entrepreneur

How Mads Kristensen’s Mindset Made Him A Successful Entrepreneur

May 6, 2021, 8:39:35 PM Sport

Mads Kristensen is living proof that anything can be accomplished in life with the proper mindset, and a relentless work ethic. Mads is a massively successful serial entrepreneur, brand owner, and professional boxer, and he says his lifestyle is only possible because of how hard he’s worked in his career. He’s very thankful that he can live life on his terms and provide for his family, and it’s made the countless hours working and overcoming adversity more than worth it. 

Mads comes from a very unique, interesting upbringing. Although he got top scores in all subjects in school, he was thrown out of 11 different schools. After his teenage years, he became a full member of the biker gang Hell’s Angels. 

Rather than spiraling into a life of crime and mischief, Mads chose to leave the club after a few years and pursued entrepreneurship full time. Although he had a few business ventures he was working on, Mads was largely taking a leap of faith to work for himself, and try to make a career out of it. 

From the moment he decided to pursue entrepreneurship, Mads has continued to build momentum in his business. He quickly grew his first business to multiple locations, and has since expanded into construction, the nightlife, and bar industry, operating professional fight events, and owning and managing “Tattoo Fashion”, the biggest tattoo parlor chain in the world. 

Now that he’s very well positioned in his business, Mads spends a lot of time giving back to the community. Now that he’s completely transformed his own life, he donates to numerous institutions, donates food and toys to families in need around Christmas, and even offers free rides in his Lamborghini to people who have always dreamed of it. 

On top of his business ventures and philanthropic efforts, Mads appears on several television shows in Denmark as an entertainer and is very passionate about fighting professionally as a boxer. He made his heavyweight debut in 2019 and has used his training as a way to become more confident in himself in all aspects of his life. 

Since his days as a troubled teen, Mads has completely reinvented himself in all aspects. He’s become more patient in his decision-making, has become a brilliant, savvy entrepreneur, and is passionate about giving to others in need. He is an incredibly unique person, and his story is only just getting started. You can find Mad on his Instagram page. 

Published by Jason Steinberg

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