A Brief Guide to Face Yoga; What is it and How does it work?

A Brief Guide to Face Yoga; What is it and How does it work?

Sep 17, 2021, 1:09:57 PM Life and Styles

How many times have you felt utterly annoyed when your face fat doesn’t seem to budge? Or because your face doesn’t seem symmetrical? Well, you can actually tone your facial muscles now with face yoga.


To get that perfectly radiant, youthful and glowing skin; face yoga can be your best bet. This isn’t a new concept or term but has been gathering a lot of attention lately. Many people claim that it has helped them carve their cheekbones and jawline while eliminating the puffiness around the cheeks and chin area. It’s almost identical to facial squats (LOL). Not only this, users also state that with constant practice, face yoga can bring a much plump and glowing outlook to your face too. Well, isn’t that all worth it?


What is face yoga?

Face yoga is an exercise program. It is a series of different facial exercises which aim to tone your facial muscles overtime. Our facial muscles are extremely delicate and they work similarly to the muscles of your body. Just like you train and isolate your body muscles; you can do the same with your facial ones too. And likewise, you need to be a little patient for the outcome too.


Face yoga helps you focus on certain muscles of your face and tone for a much symmetrical and toned face. Yoga helps strengthen specific muscles which bring a structure to your face. With little practice, you learn about the variety of muscles you are toning and once you learn these exercises; you repeat them daily twice or even thrice per day to get the outcomes. If you don't have hands-on experience of doing facial yoga before, you can install the face yoga app and try it now.


Tips of face yoga for beginners

Before you look into different exercises, you must follow some basic tips as a beginner. Just like you wouldn’t hit the gym without proper knowledge, you don’t want to be doing so for face yoga either.


Ideally, it is best to practice face yoga at least twice. You can do the exercises for as little as 5 minutes and it will really make a difference. Practice in the morning when you wake up to get the facial muscles moving. And practice again before you go to bed to relax them.


Secondly, pick 4-5 poses only as a beginner. And practice them for 30 seconds each. You can then stretch the time to 50-60 seconds with time.


Lastly, as a beginner, it is best to start toning your bigger muscles first. This is because you will feel your smaller muscles tensing up. It isn’t easy and you should not assume that it would be either. Thus, before you start working with delicate areas like your eyes, simply start with your forehead and neck.

Benefits of Face Yoga:

The major benefit of face yoga is to lift the appearance of one’s face. It stimulates the blood flow and boosts the production of collagen. Thus, it not only structrises your face but also tones your muscles and helps fight anti-aging signs. It is all about controlling the movement of your facial muscles and making your skin tight and structured. Be youthful for the years to come. The face yoga app will help you understand the incredible benefits of this exercise, so install now and see how it helps you master the art of this physical workout.


The takeaway;

There are different poses that you can start working with and you must practice them thoroughly. You will not master them in one day and that is fine. But just like you constantly strive to keep your body fit, you can add 5 minutes of face yoga to your routine, to make your skin youthful, radiant and glowing.



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