8 Garage Storage Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

8 Garage Storage Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Oct 27, 2022, 11:25:26 AM Life and Styles

If you are like most of the households in the United States, you will definitely have a garage on your property. Keeping it clean and properly maintained will not only add to the beauty of your home but will also increase its resale value.

However, whether or not you are planning to sell your home, garage improvement is a must to keep it in good shape. There are several things you can do to improve your garage curb and enhance its storage capacity, so it can fit more stuff. 

Below are some garage storage ideas that will increase your home resale value and will add to the beauty of your garage.

1.    Add More Electrical Outlets

If you don’t have enough electrical outlets in your garage, we recommend you install some as soon as possible. Electrical outlets will help you install more storage systems, and if you want to install an automated garage door, it will be easy to install when you have electrical outlets around.

Your garage is usually subjected to rainwater and hurricanes. In this case, you will have to install some waterproof electrical outlets on every garage wall. It is a small additional cost but it will result in several benefits.

2.    Install Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage is the best way to increase your garage space. Overhead garage storage consists of certain shelves and racks that are installed on the roof. These shelves are used to store items that are heavy and cannot be stored on the floor.

Most of the items in the garage are prone to water flooding and can be easily damaged by water or hurricanes. Therefore, you will have to install overhead garage storage to avoid any major losses. Also, you can use this storage place to store items that are seldom used.

3.    Install Cabinets

Cabinets are the best place to store fishing gear and other tools and equipment that cannot be left on the garage floor. You can also store your personal belongings in these cabinets, which will save them from insect or water harm.

You can use garage cabinets to store things in a more organized way. That stated, these cabinets can be a good storage place for sensitive goods, that otherwise may be subjected to damage from certain environmental factors. If you need something within easy reach, this option can be the best for you.

4.    Use Wood Palettes

Wood pallets are a good place to store sports items and other tools and equipment for garden use. You can store water pipes, sports gear, and fishing gear on these wood pallets. If you or your kids are fishing or hockey lovers, these palettes are a good option for you.

Moreover, these pallets are good for storing rakes, brooms, and some sports equipment, as mentioned above. If you don’t want your garage cluttered and crammed, you can DIY some wood palettes with some wood boards.

The benefit of this storage is it will cost you nothing more than some hours of your weekend. You can just utilize some free time to collect wooden boards in your garage and make them into wood pallets.

5.    Make Special Room for Your Car

Most of the time, it is seen that your car is surrounded by clutter in the garage, and there is no specific space for your car. Every time you park the car in the garage, it hits some weird packaging boxes or bikes in the garage.

Cleaning up your floor space and stacking these boxes on the overhead garage storage will help you make some room for your car and will make your garage look cooler and more arranged. You can also install partitions in your garage to provide your car with some dedicated storage, so it will be prevented from any dents and hits.

6.    Use and Apply Smart Storage Strategy

Making a smart storage strategy will help you get your garage organized and less crammed. The best way to make a smart storage strategy is to first categorize all the equipment in your garage into two or more categories. The best way is to categorize them according to seasonal use.

You can keep out-of-the-season goods in a separate cabin to keep them out of easy reach and away from children and animals. Plastic swimming pools and some sports gear can be stored in boxes and kept away for some time.

7.    Install Steel Racks

In case you are left with some heavy-duty items and are not able to find a place for them in the garage, you can always use heavy-duty steel racks. These racks can hold up to 2500 lbs. per rack and are good for keeping large tires and heavy-duty metal or plastic items.

Sometimes, these racks are used for storing tubes and hardware materials that are to be used in shop projects. Whether you need commercial goods or residential goods, which cannot be stored in boxes, you can always look up to steel racks to keep these things.

Ropes, electric cables, and metal hardware can be placed over these racks. And the good thing about these racks is they don’t take up much space in your garage. You can dedicate a corner of your garage to store a steel rack. It is as simple as that.

Moreover, you can get these steel racks in customized shapes and materials. For example, if your garage is not as big as a ready-made steel rack, you can always get a customized steel rack to meet your storage requirements.

8.    Use Vertical Space and Ceiling Hooks

Vertical space can be used to store items that are oddly shaped, such as hammers, lawn movers, and other hardware tools. Vertical space is also used to place some hooks on the wall, which can then be used to hang certain things and store almost everything.

Plus, ceiling hooks can also be used to hang equipment that is larger in size and cannot be fit into other garage storages. For example, one of the most applied uses of ceiling hooks is to hand bicycles, but you can also use these hooks to store boats and oars.

All of these storage ideas will make your garage look like a cool place, and you will no longer have to look out for crammed boxes and wandering tools.

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