How to Keep Your Home Safe from Electricity

Electricity is a necessity, but it can be deadly. Every year more than fifty-one thousand houses catch fire due to home electricity systems. Furthermore, over five hundred people die by electrocuting themselves in their homes. It shows us how important it is to keep our homes safe from such incidents. These accidents are not inevitable. They are usually caused by mistake and you just have to make sure that you avoid them. This article discusses how you can make sure that your home is free safe from electrocution.


Keep Appliances Away from Water

Although it goes without saying and only requires common sense to understand, many of the electrical accidents are caused by this one mistake. Many people don’t pay attention and keep electric appliances near water. Hairdryers in the washroom and microwave oven in the kitchen is not very safe as you have to use water in those rooms. Water is a great conductor of electricity and it causes a short circuit in the appliance. This could make anyone near the appliance or in reach of the water a victim of electricity.


Use Overload Relays

Use breakers and relays to keep electricity in your house under control. People pay special attention to these things in commercial buildings and don’t pay much attention when it comes to their own homes. They would make sure the power is cut if anything bad happens. It would only keep you safe but also protect appliances and motors. You can check out here for TeSys LRD when you decide to install a thermal overload relay.


Don’t Try to Fix Wiring Yourself

If you are not a professional electrician, it is suggested not to try to fix wiring yourself. You might think that there is just a simple issue, and you can fix it yourself, but that’s everyone that electrocuted himself thought the same. There is a great of losing your life when dealing with wires. You should particularly stay away from naked wires and the ones you don’t know lead where. Professionals might make it look easy, but they always take proper precautionary measures and wear protective gadgets to keep themselves safe.


Study Blue Prints of Your Home

You should learn about the complete blueprint of your house to learn about all the electricity points. The blueprint ill includes all kinds of details, including plumbing, which would help you when decorating or refurbishing your home. This also allows you to understand where there might be an electricity leak so you can get rid of it.


Keep Outlets Safe

First of all, set all outlets at a place where kids can’t reach it. There are wires and buttons in it that could electrocute you if you don’t touch them the right way. Take extra protective measures by covering all of them. Most main points come with doors, but you should cover even little outlets. If nothing more, it would at least baby proof your home. 

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