Ingredients you should add to your tea to help your digestive system

Ingredients you should add to your tea to help your digestive system

Jan 14, 2022, 8:03:54 AM Life and Styles

Drinking tea hits differently when you are taking it with the awareness of its ingredients. So, before you finish a cup of hot steaming tea, you are already picturing the positive impact it's going to have on your day and, most importantly, your digestive system. Who would believe tea can do all these right? Yes, you'd be surprised at what awareness of what you eat or drink could help you maintain a general healthy living. The same way it's impossible to make some meals without adding salt as a base ingredient, is the same way it's impossible to drink skinny leaf tea without some essential ingredients. You do not have to constantly beat yourself up about having digestive disorders or a dull day per se; you could always drink tea to help lift your spirit and brighten your day. There are ways to make your digestive system the way it ought to be, and the most exciting part of it is that it takes just a few ingredients added to your tea. Since drinking tea is more of a routine than a necessity, it becomes easier to get it going easily. 

Here are some of those ingredients you need in your skinny leaf tea:

Yerba Mate:

One of the essential ingredients that need to be in your tea, which is also present in the skinny leaf tea, is Yerba Mate. It has about seven of the nine essential amino acids. The importance of adding this ingredient to your tea is not only for its amino acid benefits but because it also has various minerals and vitamins supplements. It's the perfect ingredient for a "pick me up."


Peradventure, you've been hearing cinnamon and have wondered what's so special about it; well, it's quite the catch. Cinnamon is a vital supplement that helps sustain healthy blood sugar levels. It has an essential oil called cinnamaldehyde, which has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. So, you might want to go for tea with this ingredient. 

Gymnena sylvestre:

One of the reasons why you suffer digestive disorders most of the time is because of the number of sweet substances you've taken. A very effective means of getting rid of this is drinking tea rich in Gymnena Sylvestre, like skinny leaf tea. It helps make sweet food less appealing to your digestive system. 


Ginger is found primarily in all herbal concoctions, as its importance can never be over-emphasized. Ginger has been around for centuries and has been effective since it has anti=inflammatory properties and could be an excellent contributor to stress relief. Adding ginger to your food and supplements or taking ginger-rich tea would help with digestion-related problems. 


Like every other ingredient mentioned above, turmeric could help with inflammation, which is very beneficial. To keep your digestion running smoothly, you need a reasonable amount of turmeric in your food and edibles, preferably your tea. So, you can get yourself the skinny leaf tea as it contains a considerable amount of turmeric. 


It's an essential ingredient in safflower oil, an unsaturated fatty acid that could help with inflammations. It's also in the skinny leaf tea, making it the most accurate choice of tea to consume very early in the morning. Before going on with your daily routine, ensure you drink a cup full of skinny leaf tea to enjoy the safflower benefits. 


This ingredient is a potent antioxidant. If you are having a rough day or want to avoid having one, ensure you take tea rich in ginseng. It helps boost cognitive intelligence and also benefits digestion and easy metabolism. 

There are several positive outcomes to drinking tea. However, it's crucial that you understand the ingredients in your tea so that you can, to an extent, figure out how they can help you. The digestion process is not a very complicated one, although things could get messy quickly if you eat the wrong food or drink the wrong tea. Knowing your tea is great, but knowing the ingredients as well as their benefits and composition is much better since you know what your body needs. A clear picture of "how" and "which" means to salvage the situation has been mentioned above.

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