Tips By Experts To Score Good Marks In Class 9 Science

Tips By Experts To Score Good Marks In Class 9 Science

Tips By Experts To Score Good Marks In Class 9 Science

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Science is one of the most important and interesting subjects for Class 9 students. However, several students find it difficult to manage all three sub-subjects of Science, which include Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The examination preparation for Class 9 Science can be intimidating and stressful if you don't follow the right strategy and study plan. But, we have your back. We bring you tips straight from the experts. By following the below tips, you can easily clear the Science exam with flying colours.


1.Refer the Revised and Updated Syllabus


The first step is to have a stronghold on the latest CBSE syllabus for Science. In 2021, the CBSE reduced the Science syllabus by 30%. So, you need not waste your precious time studying from the deleted portions in the crucial days of revision. To avoid any last-minute confusion, take a printout of the updated syllabus. Then, strike off all the deleted chapters and topics in your NCERT textbook. This will simplify your preparation journey.


2.Examine the Latest Marking Scheme


What most students don’t realize is that 70% of the questions in the exam come from just 30% of the syllabus! Students can apply this idea while revising topics before the final exam. No doubt, every single line of NCERT is considered extremely important from an examination point of view. But, your major focus must be on strengthening that '30%' of the syllabus from which questions surely appear in the examination. Update yourself with the marks weightage allotted to each unit in the syllabus. The Science question paper includes different question formats, such as the objective, short answer and long answer type questions.


3.Prepare Crisp Notes


To simplify your preparation journey, prepare crisp and easy-to-understand notes from all the major concepts, definitions, diagrams, formulae and chemical reactions. It has been psychologically proven that the use of colours, pictures, flowcharts and diagrams helps in better retaining the information. This strategy can add fun and enjoyment to your Science preparation by eradicating the monotony and boredom while studying from the NCERT text.


4.Cover all Textbook Questions and Solved Examples


Since several questions in the CBSE exam are asked directly from the NCERT, one must not ignore the importance of the chapter-end questions and the solved examples. Before the exam, you must be well-versed and confident to answer any question from NCERT. The more questions you practice, the more you will improve in your weak topics. Focus more on those questions that you find more challenging. Consistent practice will help you build confidence over time. It will help you perform well on the day of the exam.


5.Clear All Doubts Before the Exam


While studying, you will have several doubts, questions and queries from time to time. Do not hesitate to take help from your teachers and mentors. Avoid piling up doubts and clear them as soon as possible. Doubts can become hurdles in your preparation journey if they are left uncleared for long. Clear doubts quickly to have a stress-free and clarity-driven exam preparation.


6.Previous Year Questions are Indispensable


Practising from previous year questions is recommended by every topper. Anyone who wishes to ace the Science exam must solve previous year questions. It helps you to become exam-ready in the true sense. You get an idea of how questions are asked in the exam. It helps you learn how to answer tricky questions and what mistakes to avoid on the day of the exam. Try giving a 3-hour mock exam as it helps you manage time well and complete your paper on time on the exam day.


7.Work Towards Improving Answer Presentation


Along with learning and understanding the concepts, prepare a strategy for answer writing. Several students lose marks even after knowing the answer to a particular question because of poor answer writing and presentation skills. Write answers in neat, clean and legible handwriting. Underline all the key terms. Give proper spacing and write answers in a structured format. All these answer writing tips, when implemented, will help your answers to stand out in the exam and can fetch you extra marks.


8.Understand Concepts Instead of Rote Learning


Rote learning is a highly disastrous strategy for your Science exam. Develop a habit of gaining conceptual, in-depth clarity of every topic instead of merely mugging up the NCERT text. Application-based and higher-order-thinking skills questions in the exam can be solved correctly by only those students who are clear with the underlying concepts. Rote learning might fetch you a few marks in the exam, but it won't help you in the long run. Understanding the concepts will help you in better retention.


9.Take Care of Your Health


While preparing for the exam, students need to look after their mental and physical well-being. A healthy body and mind will grasp concepts more quickly and efficiently as compared to a person who is sleep-deprived and lacks focus and concentration. Before the day of the exam, ensure that you are well-rested to perform with your best potential in the exam. Ill health can become a big impediment in your preparation journey and can even prevent you from scoring well. So, take care of your health by exercising regularly, eating nutritious food, keeping yourself well-hydrated, taking adequate sleep and looking after your mental well being through meditation and self-care.



In conclusion, the ultimate preparation strategy that will help you tremendously is to never underestimate the importance of studying from the NCERT Science Book. There are many attractive reference books available online and in the markets. But, those books can be used only for reference. You must consider your NCERT text as the primary study material. You need not look for other sources to study from. It is best to limit your sources and revise from the limited sources multiple times for optimum results in the exam.


Knowing these tips is not enough. Consistent implementation of the above-listed tips is the ultimate strategy followed by the toppers. Science exam is not difficult if you simplify your preparation journey. A few hours of consistent studies every day can go a long way in helping you ace the exam.









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