What are the steps to maintain your roof?

What are the steps to maintain your roof?

Aug 28, 2021, 8:32:16 AM Life and Styles

Roofs are the most important part of the house and are responsible for protecting you from the elements. This protection can slowly harm your roof and unless action is taken it will be a short time before your roof springs a leak. So, it is important that you take constant care of your roof so that it can have a long lifespan. The first step is to disregard the expected lifetime of the roof given to you by the contractor as it is only valid for the roof under perfect conditions. Any sort of rain or extreme weather can have a strong effect on the life and condition of your roof. The next step is to make a schedule, check after a month or two but also make sure to check after a heavy shower or snow.


If you believe that your roof has taken significant damage, or you want to be sure about the condition of your roof you can ask experienced professionals to come and have a look at the condition of your house’s roof. They can advise you on how to keep protecting your roof in case there is no damage. In case there is damage present they can also guide you in how to proceed. If you want an inspection contact a roofing service near you i.e., Austin roofing.


Some basic steps can be taken to ensure that your roof takes as little damage as possible.


The first step is to clean the gutter and drainpipes along the roof. These are meant to remove the water that accumulates on the roof during heavy rains. These can easily get clogged by twigs and leaves thus blocking the flow of water. When this water stays on the roof for long periods of time it slowly makes its way through any small cracks and holes present in the roof due to improper installation or other reasons. In case there are no cracks present with enough time the water can make cracks for itself. The process is similar in the case of snow. Snow can gather on the roof and if the temperature rises above freezing in the day and goes below 0 in the night having snow on your roof can be a serious danger. As the day begins the snow melts and forms water, this water can make its way into any small crack and holes present in the roof and as the night falls this water can freeze and as it turns into ice it expands and this results in the crack getting bigger and holding more water the next day. This cycle can continue until the water starts to leak through the roof at which point you have several other problems.


Another small thing to notice is the incline of your roof, if the roof is sufficiently inclined the water and snow can fall down the sides. Moreover, if your roof has to face strong winds, roofs with steeply inclined sides can bear the force of the wind easier than other roofs. This is done by pushing the wind up against the slope which robs the wind of its power and does not damage the roof. Roofs not meant for a windy fight are often ripped off the frame and this can be very dangerous and result in serious injuries.


Keeping a check on the condition of the attic is also a good way to keep ahead of any leaks. If there are signs of dampness or there is mold present, then it is a sign that there is a water leak.


If you see any serious damage it is time to call in professionals to assess the damage and either repair or replace the roof. Any delay can result in more expenses and losses.

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