What Is VPN? Why Do We Use It?

What Is VPN? Why Do We Use It?

Jul 19, 2021, 12:47:57 PM Tech and Science

What Is VPN? Why Do We Use It?

VPN, OR Virtual Private Network, is a network which as its name suggests, is virtual and private. Now, this seems too easy to be a definition for a VPN. So in the words of computer sciences, VPN is a network that creates a private network within a public network, in such a way that users can send and receive their data as if their computers or devices are a part of that private network, without actually being a part of that private network. 

Why Do We Need A VPN Service?

Basically, it is a hoax network that can allow you to believe and live in a networking space of any region other than your region. This means that you can have access to the public network of any place or region without actually being in that region. 

This allows a person to use the websites, browser pages, applications, or content on the internet that is available in that particular region, although it might or might not be available in the region where they are residing currently. 

What Is The Purpose Of Using VPN?

VPN takes you to a whole new world of content on the web and while you are physically at your home, you can technologically be roaming around in some other place! Isn’t it cool? I know technology is fulfilling our fantasies in ways we could have only dreamt of in the past (or watched only in Hollywood movies!)

             A VPN can be used by an individual, or a Company in any establishment, to safeguard its data and movement of resources from intruders. This is done by VPN creating a private space, which only the users can have access to, and not even the highest authorities can have any kind of interference in your data movement. 

At the beginning of the invention of this mind-boggling technology, it was generally used by secret agencies and government authorities to protect their data from other nations or organizations that could pose a threat to their national security. But with the young and sharp minds that are taking birth on this Earth, almost every tech-savvy kid today knows how to use a VPN! 

Is VPN Good Or Bad?

This has greatly increased the scope of VPN today, and thus many stakeholders are taking steps to create a VPN product of their own, leading to a rise in the competition in the market.

 Though it has its own loopholes and if VPN is used for some sort of illegal activity, users can be identified, but only by a team of experts who are given statutory authority by the law of a country or the international law. 

The need and usage of VPN can have a wide scope. People from different walks of life can have different means to fulfill from VPN. Some different kinds of uses of VPN are illustrated below-:

  • To Destroy Geographical Barriers – Every country has its own ideology and set of guidelines. For e.g., watching porn is banned in India and is illegal, whereas it is not the same in other countries like the US or Canada, etc. Similarly, conservative governments like the People’s Republic of China or North Korea have disbarred their citizens from having access to various websites and applications. In this case, the citizens of this country can have access to such forbidden data using a VPN (this doesn’t mean it becomes legal though!). There are various Free VPN for Hotstar or other streaming platforms available in the market that can unblock geo-restricted content. 

  • Access To Wider Data- Media applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC Music, etc. have content restrictions. There might be some content that is available on these platforms in a country while they are inaccessible to the citizens of another country. Thus if people want to have access to the data that is yet not available in their country but is streaming in another country, they can use VPN for this purpose. 

  • Safeguard From Open Or Unsecured Wi-fi Networks- Sometimes, at public places or so, our device automatically connects itself to a Wi-Fi network, which is not password protected and is unsafe. It might also allow hackers or infiltrators to have access to the data on your device or your media platforms. To avoid compromising your device you should know the code to check if phone is hacked. VPN helps to protect your device from losing all of its data to such unsecured networks. 

  • Anonymity And Privacy- In cases where the users or the organizations require their data to be completely protected and its privacy maintained, VPN is the best option for them. VPN ensures anonymity and security and hides other information about the user such as the location, the type of device, the type of connection that is being used by the user, etc. 

  • Safeguarding The Data- There have been cases nowadays where powerful authorities like different social media platforms, or even the governments have tried to evade the privacy of an individual or an organization. Sensitive data like chats or images etc. have been compromised. In lieu of the protection of data of any person, using VPN is a way that ensures that their data is safe from invasions. Also know VyprVPN pros and cons, it is one of the best VPN service providers providing great safety. 

  • Torrenting- Downloading content from the internet comes at a great price now. There may be viruses or data leaks while downloading games or applications or movies etc. In this case, Torrenting keeps us safe from such kinds of problems. But torrenting is not even legal in some countries. Here VPN comes as a lifesaver for people who download content using torrents, as it protects their location and makes torrenting easier.



VPN can be used on any device like your Laptop, Computer, Phone, or even smart TV. People from different age groups and different courses of life use VPN for their own benefit. 

While the kids may use it for data surfing, the adults use it for data protection. Thus VPN is gaining a lot of importance in today’s world, where restrictions have started entering every field, and especially the internet.

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