Bear Bites by Ruby Dixon

Bear Bites by Ruby Dixon

Aug 18, 2016, 6:23:01 PM Entertainment

My Editions: Kindle Unlimited

Series: Bear Bites 1-4

Overall rating: 4 stars

Review: Another novella series I'm reviewing together. By the way can we applude Dixon on these title names. I haven't read anything by Dixon before. I was scrolling through some recommendations on Goodreads and came across the fourth book in this series and thought Oh holy hell that man is gorgeous. Then I read about it and was like yeah I need to read this series. I've seen a lot of my friends read her books but I just normally scroll past. Not this time.

Shift Out of Luck

Pages: 99

Rating: 3.5 stars

Cole runs a camping shop across from the spa Adelaide runs. For three years he's watch Adelaide but does nothing to get her. One day she comes into his store to get equipment to go on a hike. Once Cole finds out who is taking her, he demands she doesn't go.

Adelaide has been dropping hints for the past three years that she likes Cole, but he still doesn't take anyone of them. She gets mad when he tells her not to go with Pat. She disobeys his order and goes anyway.

What Adelaide doesn't know is that Cole has a huge secret. A secret that is keeping him from being with her.

I liked this. It was a good read. I, myself, wouldn't have lasted three years dropping hints to a guy. After three days I would have said something out right or thrown a book at his face for not picking up the hints. But so far I like the series.

Get Your Shift Together

Pages: 98

Rating: 2.5

Leo was working for Cole when Caro (Caroline) comes into the store with her a-hole of a boyfriend. Right away Leo is attracted to her. He hates that she is taken.

Caro is with Bill but all she can think about is the hot guy at the equipment store. She final picks a fight with Bill in the result making Bill abandon her out in the woods alone. She feels free at last and decides to finish the rest of her vacation. She is setting up camp when Leo comes along.

Sparks fly and Leo know right away she is his mate, but he doesn't know if she will go running when he tells her his secret.

This one was alright. I like the first one better.

Shift Just Got Real


Rating: 2.5 stars

Mal has known Ryann was his mate when he met her. Only problem is that she was 17 and her was 36. Three years later Mal is watching Ryann. Ryann catches him in the act.

Ryann always had a crush on Mal but didn't think he was interested since she was so young. Then she catches him watching her and she is excited.

I hate that I have to rate this so low. Mal was getting me going until Ryann had to open her mouth and the word "daddy" came out. Way to ruin everything. I'm just not into the Daddy play.


Does a Bear Shift in the Woods

Pages: 89


Well as much as I love the cover, I didn't like the story. I did like the hero Chance, but not the heroine. She just got on my nerves. Chance was incredible adorable. How many guys will go and hunt a buck for you after you said you like venison? I thought that was just so adorable of Chance to do. Yeah I know I have a different way of looking at romance. But hey when the walking dead ever happens at least with a man like Chance I know I would be fed. I want him. Especially if he looks like the guy on the cover.

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