Fairytale Shifters by Alexa Riley

Fairytale Shifters by Alexa Riley

Aug 17, 2016, 6:40:44 PM Entertainment

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Series: Fairytale Shifters #1-4

Overall rating: 4 smexy stars

Review: Just know that this series isn't really going off the fairy tales. It is about a shifter community in Gray Ridge, Colorado. There are certain aspects of fairy tales in them. All alpha males in these are shifters.

Of course since I am reviewing the whole series...


Riding Red

Rating: 3.5 stars

Fairy tale retelling: Red Riding Hood

Review: Dominic Wolfe is sheriff of Gray Ridge. He is selling his great aunt's (or aunt's) bakery. When Ruby walks in to buy the place, Dominic catches her scent and knows right away that she is his mate. One thing is... she is a human. She doesn't know that shifters exist or that the fact that a male shifter can not get hard (or orgasm in female cases) until they find their mate.

At first Ruby thinks with her being new in town and an outsider that no one likes her. All the locals stay away from the bakery, except Gwen. After three grueling weeks the mating moon is upon them and Dominic makes sure Ruby will be his.

I love Dominic and Ruby. Dom has found a way into my heart.

Beauty Sleeps

Rating: 3.5 stars

Fairy tale retelling: Sleeping Beauty

Review: Gwen is happy that Ruby and Dominic are happy. But like most shifters she wants to find her mate and settle down. In this one we find out that shifters are fully prime and ready to find their mate at the age of eighteen.

Xaiver has been in exhile for a few years now. He finally returns back to the normal ways with the help of Stone and Dominic. Xaiver and Stone (the actual alpha and Gwen's older brother) have some tension. This tension increases at the town fair when Xaiver and Gwen find out they are mated.

Can I have an Xaiver?? Please. I love Gwen and Xaiver more than Dominic and Ruby.

The Lost Slipper

Rating: 3 stars

Fairy Tale Retelling: Cinderella

Review: Winnie was found when she was fourteen. She is different from the other shifters in Gray Ridge. Stone still took her in. When he finally got her to shift back to human form he felt a special tug to her. Stone places her in the protection of two other shifters and their two daughters to help keep her safe and at an arm's length. Winnie feels like this is his rejection.Stone wants nothing more than to be with Winnie but he has to cut that connection early so he doesn't upset his future mate.

Winnie turns eighteen around Christmas time. She is with Ruby and Gwen at Gwen and Xaiver's house, when Stone comes bargaining in declaring "Mine" at Winnie. When the male shifters say "Mine" that means they have found their mate. At first Winnie doesn't want to be mated to Stone. She feels that the only reason he likes her is because of the mating bond. When a rouge shifter scent is found near Winnie's home, Stone, like the alpha he is, carried Winnie to his home.

Winnie and Stone were the couple I wanted to read about when I found out about them in Beauty Sleeps. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. It fell a little short.

Finding Snow

Rating: 4 stars

Fairy tale Retelling: Snow White

Review: Snow lives with seven shifters even though she is human. The Denali brothers took Snow in when they found her in the mountains in the snow when she was eleven, how she got her name. Slowly the brothers, as they move from town to town, find their mates. There are three brothers left. The four of them decide to settle down in Gray Ridge. Snow is not allowed to leave outside the house. When her brothers go to work, they build houses with Xaiver, Snow sneaks out to play in the snow.

Koda, Winnie's brother, goes for a walk in the woods. He comes across Snow and takes her to his house right away. Koda has a past with humans making him very cautious of everything. Snow's past is connected to Koda's in a way.

This was my favorite. I fell in love with Koda. He out bested Xavier. I need more to this series. I need it now.

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