Review: Holding His Forever by Alexa Riley

Review: Holding His Forever by Alexa Riley

Aug 3, 2016, 1:39:39 PM Creative

My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Series: Stand-alone

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: For those who know Alexa Riley, know she writes novellas. There is insta-love and OTT alpha males. This never changes with Alexa which most of the time I love. This being one of those times. 

I loved the story and the chemistry between the two MCs. This one was actually kind of cute. 

Derek Phoenix is a firefighter. Fia Clover was a waitress and part time student. When a fire happens in the laundromat underneath the apartment Fia rents, it's Derek's fire station that answers the call. The moment they set eyes on each other it was an insta-love connection.

I don't mind insta-love if it is done right. This one was done right. I love Derek's possessiveness over Fia. It's not the creepy or the asshole possessive it is, "she's mine and no one touch her"  caveman which is an attractive quality. 

This one brings in a 3.5 star. It's sexy smut and a novella. Most novellas I read that are smut don't normally get anything higher than a 3 star from me but this one just had an extra umph to it.

Published by Jay Belmudes

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