The Libby Garrett Intervention by Kelly Oram

The Libby Garrett Intervention by Kelly Oram

Aug 23, 2016, 8:56:18 PM Entertainment

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 352

Series: Science Squad #2

Rating: 4.5

Review: We met Libby in The Avery Shaw Experiment as Avery’s best friend. Libby wants Owen Jackson. She wasn’t to much of a big character in the first book but we did see the start of the weird relationship (if you want to call it that) between her and Owen. Owen always was calling her weird and acting like he didn’t like her. From the first book we can already tell Owen is a huge A-hole.

Now we get to hear their story in this book. Well at least Libby’s story and Adam’s. Who is Adam you say?

You look like James Dean and have the heart of Mr. Darcy.

Adam works at the same coffee shop as Avery. He has had a crush on Libby for a long time. When Avery comes to him with help for Libby’s addiction to Owen’s sexual needs for Libby. Adam has dealt with someone who has an addiction. Maybe not an unhealthy relationship but still addiction never the less. Like the first book Avery turns to science. Instead of the seven stages of grief Libby is to go through with the twelve steps to addiction. Adam is going to be her sponsor.

This one even though it had it’s humor and quirkiness that the first one had it was hard for me to read. No it wasn’t boring or anything like that. No this is a hard read for me due to the insecurities the book brings forth.

There is no Link Larkin out there waiting for me.

Libby has self-esteem issues do to her weight. Unfortunately she has a disease that makes it where she can’t lose the weight. Dealing with this and Owen’s embarrassment to be seen with Libby breaks her down to where she is blowing off her friends and being mean.

Now when I was in high school, actually even now, I have problems with my weight. I look fine everywhere else until we get to my stomach. It seems to be the only place that does gain weight. I tend to look pregnant. I’ve been very self conscious about this. This is one of the reasons this was hard to read.

Throughout my high school I didn’t have much of the weight problem as I do now but it was still there and I learned to hide it well. Also I had a huge crush on one guy who only dated me for three days. I had a crush on this guy since my eighth grade year till I was a junior in high school. Looking back on it my friendship/barely there relationship was unhealthy. I let him have power over me. It hurt when I saw him dating other people and when someone would tell me about what he said about me behind my back it really hurt and chipped away more.

Senior year I had moved to a new state and school and I thought I had finally gotten over him and moved on when a boy there asked me out. I felt great. I had a boost. Over time I started realizing that I was transforming into someone I’m not for him. I said I didn’t like country music, which I like any kind of music. I said I would rather live in the city but actually I would rather live in the mountains secluded. I just went from having one unhealthy relationship to another. Even after senior year it continued. I even became one of those girls that used sex to feel special. I ended up hating myself and losing a lot of friends who just didn’t care what happened to me. Finally after my first year at college I came home and had some self exploring. I finally found myself.

Now I’m in a much healthier relationship with a man who accepts me as being me. Yeah at times it looks like we are fighting or being mean to each other but really we are just teasing and having fun. Grant it I still have some of those insecurities today but there not as bad and I’m still on the journey to get myself fully back but that is what life is all about.

Libby’s story hit home for me. I was picturing myself as Libby. Only difference is that I don’t have crazy cat shirts and I’m not good at science or math. I do recommend this series.

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