This Alarm Will Wake You Up In The Most Delicious Way !

Every morning we all hate our alarm shouting at us to wake our lazy body up. Many company’s now a days are coming up with new and creative methods to wake people in different ways.

This alarm is different then your normal alarm, this guy doesn’t shouts at you but claims to wake you up by using pleasant and enjoyable scents. The company’s is offering different scent which includes aroma of Toast, Espresso, Chocolate, Peppermint, Grass, and other more to choose from.

With the aroma there is back up melody which will kick in after 3 minutes once the emission of scent is completed, so if aroma is not enough then melody has got your back to ensure you wake up from your bed.

The box includes a power brick, the alarm itself and scent capsule. Once you open the cover in which the capsule comes in you will release how strong the aroma is. All you need to do after opening the box is boot up the alarm and then setup time and date then insert the scent capsule inside the alarm.

There is another useful feature which will show you the amount of scent present in the capsule so that you can replace it once finish.

In my testing the aroma comes out to be strong and you can defiantly smell the flavour you are using but for me that aroma was not that strong enough to wake me up also that back up melody was very short and lacked intense which will wake me up. If you are some what deep sleeper then there are some fair chances that you will sleep over that alarm.

But after all this depends on you, like what type of sleeping pattern you have. Overall the concept here is pretty unique and some flavours like grass and peppermint are some serious, strong and pleasurable aroma which i encourage you to try if you are planning to buy this guy. As far as the price tag goes it comes in at $99, one scent capsule costs you $5.45 each or you can go with an special offer which includes all the scents at $121.30 and can be order from company’s website itself

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