A Question For You

A Question For You

Nov 16, 2017, 12:45:37 AM Creative

Let me ask you a question today. Not a very unique one though. I bet you have heard or read it many times. You may even find it a little cheesy too. Still, I need your opinion. So here goes.

How do you get over your first love?

How do you get over someone so beautiful that just that just a glimpse of her face and babble of her giggle sends you to trance?

How do you get over something so perfect that makes you forget who you are?

Let me tell you more about my situation here. I sit beside her and see her lip move and the shine in her eyes shimmering according to the excitement in her tone. She presses her lips together such that their tenderness is lost, raises one eyebrow and complains that I am not listening. But how could I tell her that I was listening?

I was listening to every breath she took.

I was listening to every beat of her heart.

But we can’t be together, of course. It is a funny thing, this universe. Something so perfect can’t exist. I cannot be the one to wave my hand through her hair like a lonely pedestrian walking in a dark night. I cannot be the one who will look into her eyes so deep that I could see her soul and tell her how I feel. I cannot be the one to kiss her lips so tenderly like snowfall on your cheeks.

So tell me now dear friend, how do you get over something so beautifully frustrating?


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