Completely Empty

Let’s talk about dying, dying from inside.

There are times in our life when we feel that something is eating us from inside, rusting our thoughts and eventually killing our soul.

Not a very positive beginning huh?

Well, so are many situations we face, not every point in our life is filled with happiness.

We cannot radiate positive vibes every single moment we live.

There are moments when we feel empty.

We run out of thoughts.

We run out words to explain our situations.

We cannot find a door to open.

There are also moments when we are filled with emotions, to the brim if it is to be quantified. We want to let it out. But to whom and how?

Random thoughts bang our head like a wrecking ball.

Words appear like an unsolvable jig saw puzzle.

There are so many doors, we just can’t figure out which one to open.

So what is the solution?

How can we decide which door to open?

How to find a door to open in the first place?

Well, if you ask me, take a pen and a paper!

Fill your heart with ink if it’s empty.

Or spill your emotions on the pain white if your heart is full.

That’s what I do.

We cannot live a perfect life.

There is no such thing as perfect.

There will be some ups and downs.

And that’s what we need to train ourselves for.

Our world will not be great if everyone have what they want.

We need to make it great, through everyday struggles for finding peace.

Peace, yes peace!

That can be achieved.

There is a long journey for it, that’s for sure.

That journey is life my dear.


Life is a journey and finding peace is the quest.


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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