Everybody Is Hurt

There is no market for your sorrows, so stop advertising them.


Sometimes, some incidents do somethings to us and we start questioning everything. Okay, let me clarify this a little. There may have been a point in your life when you have got really hurt, really depressed and the first questions that came to your mind were, “Why me?”, “What went wrong?”, “What to do now?” Anger and frustration were the only emotions you could feel. You stood up but can’t see straight. You lied down and can feel your heart beating. You may have taken a long walk, felt the breeze on your cheeks. Or you may have stood by your window and stared to the infinity.

I have got these feelings a few times myself and used to believe that maybe I am the one who went through the most among my friends, maybe I have seen much more than any of them. But after sharing three bottles of whiskey, I came to one conclusion-Everybody is hurt. Everyone has at least one deep dark secret that had once haunted them or will continue to for the rest of their lives. The people whom you thought to be the craziest and carefree have the most scars on their body. The person you thought could do absolutely anything can’t even get along with his/her parents. The person you thought to be the happiest soul has seen the dark side of his/her father.

From losing their best friends to getting rejected by the girl they truly loved. From going through financial crisis to fucked up academics. From feeling suicidal to constant battering. Everyone you know or will ever know has at least one deep dark secret. Everybody is hurt.

Maybe you don’t deserve this; nobody does, for a matter of fact. But this is life, and it isn’t fair. I read this somewhere, “You see this time you are living in, it will go away.” So whatever you are facing now, will come to an end, let it be happy time or depressing one, it will come to an end soon.

So before judging others or marketing your griefs, remember this-Everybody is hurt.


Originally posted o my blog: https://unseendreamsblog.wordpress.com/

Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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