Finding Answers

They say, talking about an incident that has affected you emotionally, left a permanent impression on your mind helps you to get over it or at least helps you to fight it. 

They say, when you speak your heart out, it gets unloaded in form of the words you let out.

They say a lot of things by the way. But they never say to whom we should show our scars to. To whom we should be vulnerable enough to show the sides that aren’t very pretty.

Our psych is to approach a friend or family, a person who would listen and understand, or who we think would listen and understand. You see, it’s difficult to find both of these “qualities” in the same person. The one who listens might not understand, and the one who could understand might not bother to listen, not everyone is interested to hear your sad story. So what you do is, retreat.

You retreat from these partially friendly friends.

You withdraw yourself from this hypocrite world. 

You try to walk away from these hollow hearted people.

And then yet they will say, “We are here for you.” “Feel free to share anything anytime.” “Why don’t you say anything to me?” “You have changed.” Blah! Blah! Blah!

I am telling you, they are there only to judge you. You will try to share but they won’t receive.

Deprive yourself from these judgmental assholes!

Become a loner!

There is no harm in being lonely, some people crave it, believe me.

Find peace within and you will find all the answers right there in some corner of your mind.

Because if you can’t help yourself, nobody can darling. Nobody can.


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