Lone Lonely Loner

Jeans down. Shorts on. Headphones plugged in.

I looked around, no one’s here.

Standing firmly. Light a cigarette. Gazing as far as possible.

I looked around, no one’s here.

Took a notepad. Uncapped my pen. Started to scribble.

I looked around again, no one’s still here.

Its tempting isn’t it?

You know, being alone.

It gives you time to think. It gives you time to spend with yourself.

Shoelaces tied. Playlist ready. Earphones plugged in.

Tip-toe, tip-toe and there you are alone, far from the “real” world. The silence calms your inner turmoil. The wind soothes your scars and the chirping accompanies the voices in your head. You may start thinking about what’s going on in your “real” world. You may not think straight but you don’t need to, there is no one to judge you coz you are alone, remember?

Or sometimes, your brain runs completely blank. Not a single thought crosses your mind. You just gaze beyond the sky that’s constantly changing its colour from deep blue to violet then to every shade of red you have ever seen and finally to the usual blue we all have coloured it with in our drawing books. You just want to smell the essence of every particle in the air surrounding you and beyond. You don’t think about your problems, but they mysteriously get solved.

This is what being alone does to people like me. It resolves the conflicts inside me.

Consider yourself lucky if you get some time with yourself. Resolve the conflicts inside you instead of dreading and cursing others for leaving you by yourself. Explore yourself instead of running after people who don’t want to stay. Make peace with yourself instead of fighting wars you can’t win.

Be proud of being lonely!

Be proud of being a little shady!

Be proud of being a mystery!


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Originally posted on my blog: https://unseendreamsblog.wordpress.com/

Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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