My Stupid Ways

Sometimes I think, what would it be like if I confessed my love to you?

What would it be like if I told you what your presence did to me, how my stomach went butterflies when you sat beside me?

What if I told you that it’s you that I care about the most, even more than myself?

But I did tell you all of these, didn’t I? Not directly though, I accept. But in my own non-conventional ways.

Everytime I called you for no apparent reason, it was my heart confessing its love for you.

Everytime I asked you to take a walk instead of a taxi, it was my body craving to be with you for few more moments.

Everytime you felt low, my sleepless nights witnessed how much I care about you.

But all of these cheesy ways of mine remain invisibly abstract to you.

You can’t hear the screams in my silence.

You can’t see the love of my soul.

I can’t blame you though. You didn’t do anything intentionally, did you? I cannot expect you to see or sense my stupid ways of confession.

But I cannot take it anymore too. I need to move on. I need to let things go.

I will cut this string between us which I am holding to for too long now.

I will silently drift away like a tender breeze soothing your cheeks.

And this will be my way of letting you go.


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