Reading Between The Lines

So you stand there again telling me what an asshole your last night’s date was

You stand there in front of me and generalize that all the guys are assholes

And that’s not only you with this “generalized” opinion

I hear it everywhere…

YouTube, blogs and open mic

Everywhere we are alike

All of us want to tap that ass

All of us want you to undress

This is what you say. This is what you believe

But hey! I am not judging you or questioning your opinion

But when I ask you what kind of guy do you like?

You say that you don’t care about looks, but he should be good inside

So what will you do, when you meet him?

Will you leave the world aside and greet him?

The man who doesn’t want to touch your breasts

The man who would stand by you when you are a mess

Will you give him the love that he deserves?

Or just keep his shoulder to cry on?

Will you dare to spend your life with him?

Or just be too afraid of losing the friendship you just built?

You are independent, feminist, “not like others”, that is fine

But you have your opinion and this is mine

Decent men with morals do exist

But they are the last ones to be kissed

This is the reality and you know it too

You do fall for the wrong guys all the time, don’t you?

You will meet a guy who would love you for who you are

Just grab his hand and happiness won’t be too far

He will tell you that you are beautiful and mean it

Just believe what he says and don’t break his spirit

Read between his lines coz he won’t say everything out loud

Just don’t let him go, or he will be lost in the crowd


Originally posted on my blog:

Published by Jaydeep Bansal


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