The Coffeehouse

Today has been a day like any other so far. I am walking down the road towards that place again. The coffeehouse we discovered by the end of the street. I hope that you at least remember that place. It was where we made most of the memories. It was where we met, where you smiled to me. It was where we sat together talking about books and the universe, god and the war, love and emotions. It was also the same place where we departed. Went to our own ways which were supposed to be same once. But maybe you don’t remember all of that. Fair enough. *Sigh* Fair enough.

I am here at the coffeehouse and I stop right there at the entrance. My legs freeze, palms go ice and vision blurs a little. I stand right at the entrance watching you with him.

The only thing I can feel at this precise moment is a drop of sweat emerging behind my neck. And it is moving slowly down making its way towards my shoulders.

You look happy. Laughing, giggling, touching his arm. He seems to be fascinated by you too, no doubts on that though. He whispers something to you and you can’t help giggling and leaning towards him.

I can feel that the drop has reached my shoulders now, and my arms have goosebumps which seem to last forever. The sweat drop now marches ahead.

Still standing here, I get a flashback. A flashback to all the memories we made at that very place, at that very couch. A flashback to all your sarcasms, to all my annoying puns. A flashback to the 2 am calls, to the early morning walks.

The drop now rolls down my spine, accelerates on its slope giving me a sudden chill while I am still standing under the setting sun watching you from the glass pane of the door.

Still in the flashback. I start feeling my heart throbbing and my brain thumbing. I remember sitting there, holding a bouquet of orchids and white roses under the table. They were your favourite, I remember. You came and sat in front of me, smiled and winked. I produced the flowers in front of you…

The drop is now on my waist, about to conclude its journey. I can feel no movement on my waist for a while and then a little tickle and it is absorbed by the cotton of my trousers. Finally ending its journey knowing all the thoughts that rushed through my mind in just a few seconds that feel like an eternity.

I still remember how your smile slowly faded away as I gave you the flowers and said the “three words”. I won’t call them magical though, because they took all the magic away from my life. They took away you from me.

I can feel my legs trembling and lungs burning as I vision you rushing out of the coffeehouse. You are now looking across the hall to me. You are wrapped in his arms, protected by is warmth, and me; standing like an idiot staring at you under the heat of the sun. Your smile is slowly fading away the same way it did when I gave you the bouquet.

I can’t bare it anymore and I turn around and start walking again. I trip a little; my legs are still trembling. I almost bump into a pole; my eyes are still a little hazy. I keep walking and thinking about everything I was thinking before reaching the coffeehouse and everything that I thought at the door.

But after all the thinking and walking, I smile a little as I stand against a wall across the street. I look up to see you for the last time and think. Yes! You do remember this place. You do remember all the memories we made. But maybe what you don’t remember is that today it has been exactly two years when we first met at this very coffeehouse. Maybe you don’t remember that today it has been exactly one year when we last met at this very coffeehouse. Fair enough. *Sigh* Fair enough.


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