The Heartless That Cried

‘System Rebooting…’

‘System Initializing…’

A few flashes in front of its eyes, and it was working again. Or should I say, he was working again. His first sight was of his master, the only person he ever served, the only person he ever knew.

‘System Initialization Complete’

‘Date: 23-06-2097’

‘Time: 1300 hrs’

‘Power: Plugged in (51%)’

“Good afternoon Master Green. MB1003 is back at your service.” he said.

“Shut up! Stupid android! How many times do I have to fix you? I am getting tired of you now. ”, Eon Green grumped.

“I do not have the answer to your question Master Green. I am not programmed to foresee the future. But I can tell you that you have fixed me 21 times so far. Out of that, 10 times my battery was replaced. 6 times was my circuit board fixed and 5 times was my entire head serviced. Is there anything else I can help you with Master Green?”

Green’s bloodshot eyes were staring deep into the android’s metallic ones which shone like a golden glitter. He threw his toolkit aside and poured himself a glass of whiskey. He gulped it in one sip and poured another one.

“Just take the garbage out shithead.” he tried to insult him as if he was programmed to feel one.

“As you order Master Green.”, and he left.

Green was looking out of his window only to see an endless land of skyscrapers and a sky covered in fumes. He cannot recall when was the last time he saw the sun, the moon or even a single star.

The android carried a large bag of garbage outside and dumped it in a pile of similar bags by the street. As he turned to return, he heard someone sobbing. He went to look and found a girl in her teens, her back against the wall, sitting on the pavement, crying.

“Hello, ma’am! Is everything alright? Can I help you with something?”

“Who the hell are you?” the girl asked, her voice cracking but her eyes glistened due to the tears.

“I am MB1003. I am an android designed by Mang…”

“Okay!” she interrupted. “I don’t think there is anything you can do.”

“Well, I am a functioning robot since 2066 and have witnessed and recorded many experiences in my database. If I could find one which matches your current situation…”

“Okay damn!” she interrupted him again. “You are one of the talkative ones they used to make. Okay then listen up. I used to live this guy Toby. He and I were close like hell and in love like hell too. We were together for like a year or so now and had all our future planned and shit. And now I find out that he has been sleeping with my sister all this time! He kicked me out of his house and my sister somehow convinced my parents that I am some kind of drug addicted whore and shit! Soo…uhuh…” her voice choked with tears. “So they won’t take me in with them either. What should I do now?”  her voice cracked completely and silver tears fell down from her eyes on her purplish cheeks which matched her purple hair but contrasted her white lipstick, orange dress, and multi colored sandals.

“I don’t have anything matching to that in my database. You see I have had only one master ever. But you could cry.” he saw how her tears shone and how her breasts thumped every time she sobbed.

“What do you mean? Everyone can cry. Everyone does once in a while these days. I wish that asshole and his bitch cry for their entire life.” there was rage in her voice now.

“No, that is not true. I cannot cry. I wonder what it feels like, to be sad and to cry. I wonder what it feels like to be happy and to smile. I wonder what it feels like to envy and to be enraged. I wonder what it feels like to love and to be loved back.” he said in the same monotonous voice he spoke in for years.

“You are full of shit. Get out of here!” she shrieked.

“”As you order Madam…I didn’t catch your name.”

“Your ass!”

“As you order Madam Your ass.” he said neutrally and left.

He reached Green’s apartment, his apartment and saw him going through some flyers.

“MB2000-Coz you deserve better!” the flyers read.

There was a small spark in his circuits as he read that.

“What took you so long?” Green yelled.

“I am sorry Master Green, I was…”

“Alright! Alright! Don’t you start again. Make me lunch and leave.” Green interrupted.

“As you order Master Green.”

For the first time in 31 years of his service, he forgot to put salt in his master’s food and served him tin soda instead of carbonated blueberry.

Green’s face turned red and he threw the plate and the tin on the android.

“You are of no use anymore.” he was furious.

The android saw a truck stopping by the next day.

“MB ROBOTICS”, the banner read.

Two men unloaded a metallic box labeled ‘MB 2000’. His circuits sparked like the day before.

The men had a brief conversation with Eon Green and came near the android.

“Hello, sir! How may I…” one of the men opened his control panel and powered him off.

‘System Rebooting…’

‘System Initializing…’

A few flashes in front of his eyes and he could see that he was on a conveyer belt. He noticed that his body was gone. The only thing left was his head and damaged circuit board.

“What happened? Master Green! What is happening? Master Green! What did I do to deserve this? Master Green!” his voice flickered for the first time.

“Is this what love feels like? Is this not being loved back feels like? Is this what betrayal feels like? Is this what crying feels like?” there was exhaustion in his voice.

He moved forward and was suddenly mid-air falling into a pit of junk. The glitter in his eyes was slowly fading away as was the voice from his mouth. He cried for the first and the last time, “Master Green!!!”


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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