The Obsession

There she stands.

Iridescent stars her eyes are.

Nightingale’s song her giggle is.

A piece of art she is.

There she stands, but with someone else.

My lungs scorch when she holds someone else’s hand.

My brain thumps doubting if she would ever be mine.

My knees tremble when she walks away from me.

Does this ever happen to you too?

Or am I the obsessive, despicable idiot?

I have always feared this state.

Where you know that you are not thinking straight.

The things you think are not “ideal”.

But your brain is no longer yours.

Your heart no longer beats for you now.

I could do anything to be with her.

But what if that’s not enough?

What can I do if she does not feel the same?

Yes, I could only dream.

I could only dream that her stars would shine for me.

I could only dream that the nightingale would sing for me.

I could only dream that the art would me mine.

Yes, I will keep dreaming.


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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