This Is No Poem

This is no poem,

Rather a story

Of love and heartbreak

And no glory

This is no poem,

Rather a tale

Of a boy with secrets

Too dark to tell


The boy once fell in love

With a girl he couldn’t be with

But there was a little hope

Slowly crushing him beneath it

He expressed his love

But never completely

It was a mistake I guess

But he did it seldomly


This is no poem

Rather a saga

It will get darker now

So keep up with the drama


The feelings the boy had

Were pure and unconditional

But for his poor soul

They proved to be fatal

The only thing he asked for was

The truth to be told

For if there was someone else

To whom her heart was sold

She denied the fact

Every single time

Coz whenever he asked, she said

My heart is only mine


This is no poem

Rather an ode

Of the boy who loved

But then chose a different road


He wanted to believe her

Coz it was hard to move on

So he never cleared his doubts

And their lives carried on

He fell more for her

Every single day

But one day he discovered something

And there were clouds of dismay

He found the letters

That she wrote to a boy

They cleared all his doubts

And his soul was about to destroy

He sat in a corner

Waiting for tears to flow

But they haven’t flown in years

Would they this time, was hard to know

But once they appeared

There was no stopping them

At least he could cry now

His tears shone like a gem

He was alone that night

Nobody by his side

All he thought was about her

And reasons why he was denied

He got up and laid on his bed,

Once the tears stopped to flow

He tried to sleep watching the moon

And turned the lights down low

Once he slept, he could feel

That the tears have taken out his misery

He promised to wake up as a new man

And keep his story a mystery


This was no poem,

Rather a ballad

Of a boy who loved

And how his feelings eradicate

This was no poem,

Rather a song

Of a boy once hurt

But who now stands strong


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal

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