Beautiful Brands

Lets face it most of our things are not branded. we don’t all have all the money in the world and we all want to get a good bargain. i love savers, superdrug, asda and aldi and yes even ebay, for saving my pennies but sometimes it nice to treat yourself to something just that little bit more special.

This post is about some of my favourite branded items and see pictures below..

Firstly trainers, well most of my trainers are nike mainly becuase they are the comfiest and lightest, but recently i got a pair of adidas pure boost x running shoes made for women and wow these are the best pair I’ve ever owned.. Running on clouds is just what i need. My running gear, is usually all adidas and nike, And while we are on the subject of adidas i love adidas clothing, from tops, bralets to reworked dresses..

Clothing, my style is usually, vintage, bit different and quirky, no brand to it, but i do love Hollister, Calvin Klein, AX, and Ellesse too. Shoes on the other hand i love Irregular Choice, Dr Martens and Kickers they all are a little different and funky.

Now make up, im useless at make up i need lessons! thankfully my sister is a superstar and helps me out, but my favourite brands make up wise at the moment have to be MAC lipstick and bare mineral powder foundation, its so easy for everyday wear and sets make up really well and my fave lip balm is burt bees.

Hair styling products – my faves at the moment are the Lee Stafford chopstick styler giving me amazing curls that last days! and my GHD’s of course!!

I love handbags, big, small, back packs whatever they are cute, my faves have to be Ted Baker they are just so so pretty, i also love my new Versace Jeans silver bag at the moment (but that only comes out for special occasions ha)

Last but not least, my odds and bobs – i love my love links braclet, i adore yankee candles and my white Michael Kors watchs is too cute.

My fave technology is Apple ios phone and Apple mac laptop.

What are your fave brands?
Where would i like to shop?
Where do you shop most?
Any reccomendatons?

Feel free to comment or message me..

Happy Shopping
Much Love J

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