Coach Calls

Coach Calls

being coached.. a realtionship like no other –
it is really important, many people can help and teach themselves but when you are really wanting to make a difference, its great to get a coach to help and guide you, the more knowledge they have the better they will be and two heads are always better than one, on the days your struggling and dont know what to do your coach will be there when it matters most.

Why be coached? i think it makes a big difference and depending what coach they are again makes all the difference if they specialise in long distance or track and field, or if they have no qualifications in coaching they have just had a great experience of the sport (your in) and know and understand how to get better, they can put all their knowledge into you. 

we are not born knowing everything we must learn and research and a coach will have learnt and researched so much more, and can help push you to what your capable of when you don’t really know how far you can go yourself!
Who is your coach? Well my coach is my father, he ran for Great Britain, (see precious papa post for more detail) he traveled all over competing and was truly amazing he had many coaches and ran for many clubs he loved it all, he learnt so much and i admire him and his strength and i just want to do that, and make him proud. 

I listen to every bit of advice he gives even if he is asking more of me and i don’t agree i know he is wiser and knows best. sometimes it can be tough when you don’t want something but your coach does and when they are your father too, you really don’t want to upset or disagree, i just have to tell myself, you are getting better he is helping, work hard and you will see.

is it really needed? i do believe it is very beneficial yes. i believe it is needed when you want to push yourself, you can only do so much yourself, a coach can push you, guide you and with a good coach really work you. 

I think its needs when working for certain goals, they can help in ways you can’t help yourself for example, for speed work my coach could give me different activities to do to help and increase the speed and strength of myself rather than the jogging milage I’m use to. They will know what helps and hinders the body during training and what affects you need to help your style. 

Your relationship with your coach will be very different to any other of you realtionships. One minute they are putting you in pain getting angry and making you cry the next they are hugging you crying themselves smiling and screaming your name. advice is dont argue even when you dont agree just plug away and respect them stand up for what you believe always and put your ideas too but dont argue and shout you want your relationship to be strong a big friendship to grow and work towards those awesome goals!
   remember choose your coach wisely..

                          Much Love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton

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