Marvellous Mother

Marvellous Mother

Aug 7, 2016, 5:29:21 PM Life and Styles

well well well, we had a post on my dad, we can’t let him have all the glory can we, lets talk about my mother, my best friend in other words..

my mother is super woman i know your all thinking yeah yeah yeah you can’t have super women and super man as your parents, well I’m super lucky i know i have.

my mother is an only child, she has no siblings now i don’t know if this is true but can it make you a nicer person? like not arguing with a sibling, fighting, playing on your own and having to find things to do on your own i must do..? cause my um is there nicest person i know, alway looking out for other people rather than look after herself.

my mum has some truly amazing friends she finds the right people to surround herself with and i truly believe this is because she is so lovely she attracts lovely like minded people, mum maybe really busy but if a friend is upset and need her she drops everything, they come first at the moment, she will be there to chat, to drink tea or Prosecco with and she may even bring chocolate if your lucky. need some help, mum will be there she hates to see anyone struggle i think she wishes she could clone herself sometimes, get everything done and help everyone.

as you may have previously seen in a past blog post my dad went through a massive life changing experience which was hard for everyone especially my mother and the whole time he did this she stood by his side, she is very strong, she kept him motivated, she was a rock for us all, she gave everyone hope. i know many people in a crisis like that was most people would of gave up, ran away, hid from it all.

my mother does everything for my sister and i, my mum always says she didn’t want lots of children just two, so we had a friend in each other and that she could do the very best as she possibly could for the both of us. during my lifetime i have had to overcome bullying three times, OCD, and overcome barriers in my career and education so many times already, i have to deal with my father too and now having to deal with a muscular skeletal condition, but i know i always have my mum, every day for a cuddle, every evening for a kiss, her shoulder for a cry, her wise words for advice, her anger to protect and her calmness to keep me out of stress.. i honestly don’t think i would have gotten this far without her.

not only does my mum help her friends and her family, she puts on a festival every year to help the community and charities, you must have all heard about Framfest! i will leave a ink below to Framfest Facebook page, but this festival is for all the family every year in the summer a truly fabulous day, mum loves music and vintage thins so she throw it altogether and creates a mini festival called Framfest, she raises so much money for charity! (it soon won’t be mini, it gets bigger each year) people admire her so much for all the organising and hard work she puts in some people even get jealous because they know how awesome she is they just want to be her haha!

now relating this back to my blog (as it is suppose to be my running and fitness blog) my mother is personal trainer she is self employed and runs her own business, she has a gym out our house in which people come and trim on a one to one basis which i have also done and loved, she is very good at her job. she works with people who are really unfit and people who are super fit, from age ranges of 17 to 92!! she helps with rehabilitaion and injuries and literally makes people so happy, makes them feel on top of the world!

my mum is my best friend and I’m pretty sure she is lots of people best friend cause she is totally frigging awesome, but i want you all to know she maybe awesome, cool, and obviously stunning! but she isn’t actually very well, my mum has a condition called Fibromyalgia its a medical condition characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. Other symptoms include feeling tired to a degree that normal activities are affected, sleep problems, and troubles with memory.

Even though she has all of this she still is the most strong and admirable person i have ever met and if i grow up to be half the person she is, i will be a happy and content person. Thanks for being a amazing and a hero to me, forever grateful.

happy loving
much love J

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