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so Monday the 1st of August i had the pleasure of the experience of the osteopath for the first time! aaaah.

i was so scared i was shaking before i went in, basically i didn’t really think much to it but when i was waking up each morning and i would wake up with a tight back, middle back, ribs and side area, and it felt like lactic acid was forming a ball in my shoulder blades, i would get my mum to wriggle it and try to massage and help it out a little each day, with running and putting pressure on your body every day i just expected it but over the weekend when visiting a spa, the masseuse suggested i got it looked at as i was very tight and it needed cracking once she had touched it also it seem to have got worse, so Monday i went to the local osteopath, close to where i live, i attended by myself and walked up there, i was very nervous. 

when i got in there we first had to fill in a form, a medical form etc, talking about life, jobs, hobbies, pains, family and then any medical issues. once we had completed that i laid faced down on the table, the osteopath, massaged me and pressed areas of my back and told me what was happening inside i found it very interesting and he was so very helpful. He was calm and relaxed which helped my nerves. 

I had the middle of my back cracked and both sides of my neck and a few wriggles made in my ribs. The ostepath asked if  anything had happened to me before this.

Now when i was 13 i collapsed, fainted face down breaking my cheek bone and fracturing a rib. My ostepath suggested i may have damaged something that theyhadn’t  picked up on, and something may have caused it to come out of alignment.

Now as you know in a previous post (called cheeky chest) i get chest pains-, he said the back pain on the same side as my chest pains may go all around the ribs and that side, and this is what maybe affecting the front of my chest as well as the back, which would make sense while i was feeling like i was having pains in my chest/heart area!

I was amazed when he said this as the hospital had suggested i may have a muscular skeletal condition, but they are unsure and it needed more investigation.Osteopaths obviously   deals with muscular skeletal issues, and he would more than likely know and be able to help me!? – i felt overwhelmed, he may know whats wrong and maybe able to help my muscular skeletal condition! I couldnt stop smiling even though i was in little pain. 

Ive had these chest pains for years now, i thought it was my heart i had to go through so many tests, ecgs, and mri’s, to see, its a pain literally and mentally when all i want to do is push myself in racing and training its so annoying. 

I feel like I’ve made a mini break through. I did another race on the 3rd so two days after my first osteopath appointment and it was the same my chest was still tight and still felt so very bruised and painful as it normally does when i exert myself. 

So nothing had changed after one seesion but i know i need to give it time and sessions and help myself, not to push myself to much and go with, but im so happy, i could be onto something.

I dont know much about osteopaths but im in the thinking at the moment that he maybe able to help?

Now i have to wait till after holiday for my next session with him.

What do you guys think? What can i do to help myself? 

Any adivice welcome! Thanks for reading guys..

happy relaxing
much love j x


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