Pending Posts

Pending Posts

Oh hey, its me Jaydyne the girl behind the keyboard.
So now I’ve finally got round to sorting a blog and sharing it! Eeek. I am quite excited of whats to come and getting to know the boogging world better. I’ve done over 10 post now, and all this had been a long time coming, so many people suggested and said i need to just do it so i just took the plunge. It just seemed a lot of work and when your super busy like me, its hard to fit another thing in but so far I’ve loved every minute and found it quite relaxing.

Im hoping my blog has a mix of things im hoping to use this as somewhere I can talk about my life, struggles, memories, plans, running, fitness, and health related topics and more i want to talk and to do FAQ and Q & A’s for us to get to know each other, to share lots of pictures, experiences, family, happiness, life, party, food, recipes, ideas, advice and tips, and of course emotional posts also.

I really hope you like it so far! If so let me know leave a comment, follow me and share! if you have any feedback or suggestions please do let me know!

I want to get to know you all so much whether its through fitness, general life style, or teaching, so im making this account varied a whole life and happiness blog.

I will be documenting my journey here, sharing it to Facebook, etc..
I am also thinking about starting a YouTube channel, which would be fun! should i?
What would you like me to blog about?
Do you want me to share nutrition and training tips?
Should i start youtube?
Do you want, running tips?
Or routine life blogs?
do you want me to post reviews of healthy food and restaurants?
do you want tutorials?
also any tips also are welcome! (i always need help)

Let me know your thoughts by sending me a tweet, a Facebook post or message, or an instagram comment! i would love to hear from you all. 

But for now have a brill weekend and there are plenty of posts still to come, plenty of pending posts! so speak to you soon! 

happy reading

Much Love J




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