Perfect Pets

Perfect Pets

Aug 13, 2016, 2:55:47 PM Entertainment

another personal post and a cute post alert! you will just have to “aww” at this one.

my pets.. my lickle babies!

in my life i have had three rabbits named Smokey, Honey and Bug. i have also had 5 guinea pigs, Milky, Fluffy, Patrick, Dexter and Splodge. My sister also had a hamster called Amelia.
Alive today is only Splodge and Bug they haven’t all lived together, Bug is only 9 months old and quite new like splodge but before they arrived Honey lived 11 years and fluffy 3! they have all had a brilliant life, sharing it with one or two other animals in a big hutch having lots of freedom on the grass and to run, and i find a lot of comfort in them all.

my runt of the litter was smokey my first ever pet, he also died on my birthday but he was my very favourite pet, and i miss him lots as when i felt sad i would go and chat to him as if he was a friend and we were having a cup of tea, i would teach him to do assault courses in my room, and then we would have snuggles in my blankets.

i have bathed all my animals i love putting them in the bath with pet bubble bath and then blow drying them off, fluffy the  gunea pig loved this the most. splodge he is very greedy with his food, bit like me and they have all enjoy the sun, all off them spreading out to catch the rays.

I also have a lead for my pets for my guineapig and rabbit yes thats right nope not a dog but i can take them for a walk around the garden on their very own lead. Its super cute! The house they live in at the moment has an upstairs and downstairs and a veranda extension bit as they love to run about on the grass. Its soeasy  to clean out with the removable tray and i just quickly do that everyday it takes literally 2 minutes.

I know some pets are more like people than pets, and they sometimes become more important, I know my friends dog is like a person protecting her now she lives alone, and it means so much.

Most animals understand humans; they can tell when your sad, happy or angry and they do want to comfort you. They know the difference between people in the family they can sense each individual; animals are not stupid, far more intelligent than you realise. I know a lot of my friends,  their best friends are their animals, and they are like their very own children, they mean the world, just like mine do.

Looking after a pet can be difficult and hard work depending on what animal you get so think carefully when wanting to get a pet, they are had work they are always wanting food, to play, to be cleaned out you have to become a mum to them so think carefully before purchasing, but they are a great distraction they keep you busy, occupied and  very happy while doing so. 

I fully reccomend getting a pet though for comfort, a stress reliver and a friend. 
Here are a few pictures below of all the animals I’ve ever had.

Leave me a message of your favourite animals, or what pet you have, what do they do to make you feel better? What animal would you like if you don’t have one?

happy  loving
much love J


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