Perfect Product

Perfect Product

Oct 13, 2016, 4:40:11 PM News

i had to do a product review on my favourite trainers! many may have seen these floating about social media mainly instagram and adidas sites, but i just had to tell you about them, i don’t think I’ve loved a product more than i love my trainers, I’ve had them since February now, i have gone through so many pairs of trainers and these are defy the best and i will definitely purchase them again.
the pure boost x women running trainers – simply the best.
so where did i see them? these were realised in feb 2016 i saw them online, and on social media and saw they were made for women runners like myself i got very excited watch many videos and looked at many reviews and then begged my dad for them for my 21st birthday.
i got them! i got them in the original colour size 4 yes my midget feet, they felt like clouds support my arch perfectly i got very excited about them and shared them all over my social media and now where them for every training session and race.
have i got more? well funny really i did only have the one pair, until this week, when i purchased another pair in a bright colour again, so no one will miss me run past ha! so now i have two pairs i will always have a spare for racing. i was so very excited when the postman arrived.
so why are they so great? These trainers are so very light, you feel so so fast when running, the arch supports high insteps more than any other sure I’ve ever tired. like stated on the adidas site the trainers hug around the feet like socks -the arch support key for this, rubber soles make sure you don’t slip, and grip well when turning. a gap under the arch and the lightweight material around the top of the foot help support the arch and the natural movement of your foot. the cooler patterns are all beautiful and the mesh over the foot keeps the foot breathing and looking fasionable.
so whats the price? mmm ok a little pricey but we want the best for our runners little feet right? starting from around 40 pounds ranging up to 150 pounds. so not the cheapest and not the dearest. these shoes are crazy good, you have to try me to believe me i know but I’m telling you I’m so happy with them and willing to pay the money.
check out #pureboostx on instagram and check adidas online for more colours and styles, i love them, if you have some let me know what you think and what you love!
happy trainer shopping

much love J x

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