Pinchbeck 10k

Pinchbeck 10k

So this sunday just gone the 25th of September i did the West Pinchbeck 10k race. This race my coach wasnt able to take me or be there so it was my mum and my boyfriend but it was so lovely to have their support. The West Pinchebck race is not that far from out house about a 25 minite drive but i had to get there get my number, wee (of course the nervous wee) and warm up. 

We woke up at 8, i had shreddies for breakfast with a banana and added some chocolate spread wierd i know but so yummy, and then got to the race and sorted my stuff out.

Once i had warmed up and did my strides out, i kissed my mum and boyf and went down to the start line.

There were about 200 in the race on sunday the weather was dull and very windy but at least it wasnt super cold and raining! Always look on the bright side!

The start was slow plus there was horse poo on the road so everyone was dodging that hahaha, but once i had got off and started i felt ok, i felt good motivated and strong my training has been going well and i also felt positive about doing it. My knee was a little achy which was weird and horrible i really hate it, but i plugged away trying to control my chest in the strong winds. 

At about 7k i was thinking about food, of course ha, running along passed a women who i ended up pulling along and dragging her with me. She thanked me at the end for pushing her on, i thank her for the same. I loved that we helped eachother in  competition we smiled and hi fived when we finished and i believe in helping others and supporting others yes they are our competition and we race them but we are all here together, enjoying running, and embracing one another. 

I got 51:50 not a PB overall but a PB for that course, it was ok considering the wind! I got a drink and won a sports bottle, i have about 10 of these winning sports  bottles which i never use i should set up a shop! Once i had done i stretch out and saw my mum and boyf and we then went to grab some food cause a women who has just raced 10k needs food and lots of it!! 

Everyone who has a little interest in running should try a race whether it be 1k, 3k, 5k or 10k do it try see how you are if you like it, get them addictive endorphin feel after and see if you want to do another its an experience to definately try. running alongside other people that love running is a great feeling! Let me know your experiences in the comments below..

Happy Running Guys

Much love J x 


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