Quickly Qualified

Ahhh ive done it!
Saturday the 5th of August i got an email from my tutor i have completed my level 3 personal trainers course with a distiction so bloody happy, and proud of myself too, as i have so much going on lately and i never gave up, i just plugged along with it. 
I love studying and I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. I plucked up the courage to dive in, and do something i love and something i keep thinking about. 
The course had several units looking at things like biomechanics, PT skills, buiness side, nutrition, exercises, lifestyle, psychology, physiology and functional training, and lots more i loved doing it and learning about something im so interested in – I now want to do more course like aerobics instructor, maybe look deeper into diet and nutrition, and go into being a pilates, kettle bell, spin or yoga instructor something like that im so buzzed now! 
I am a teaching assistant and i love that and i dont know if i want to leave that job altogether but something else, alongside for me that i love, that would be awesome. 
I keep thinking about where i could head with this, my mum is already a PT with her own buisness and studio so i could share the business a little with her gathering my own clients or i could work in a gym locally, im still thinking it all through. 
Any help, advice and tips would mean a lot – i need the guidence too!
I just want to thank everybody that has supported me and told me i can do anything i want, i need to get out my comfort zone more often.. Ive taken up new courses, blogging and vlogging and i think its been great for me so far, so hopefully it continues..
Thank you for all the well wishes and i shall try and keep it up, – working hard pays off. 
Now im qualified i will keep thinkingand reseraching about the future and see what happens. I shall keep you all updated but for now its my summer holidays, im going to train hard, run races, work hard on new things, play hard, part harder and fly off to Portugal next week so good bye for now and remeber never give up on what you really want!
happy me rn. 
much love J



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