Random Races

Random Races

so every two weeks for over 3 months my club is part of a race Grand Prix so there is a 5km every Wednesday night at 7pm somewhere around Lincolnshire, orCambridgeshire,  usually Peterborough, randomly on a Wednesday (as race days usually are Saturday or Sundays) we travel down after the long day, or day at work and i race.

Wednesday 20th i raced and got the time of 23:58 not too bad but i know i can do better the next race was the wednesday 3rd of august where i got 24:13 which i felt was brill but it sure was windy and with my chest being poked about by the osteopath on Monday before, it was better than nothing.. my next race was wednesday night the 17th of August in memory of my dads best friend Barney who also ran for Nene Valley Harriers also, everyone does the 5k in memory of him. this race was the night before i went to Portugal on holiday and for some warm weather training so i was be very excited. There were a few bridges with hills so my chest struggled. It wasnt the best time i got 24:5something. But im happy, and alive and running for Barney and now on holiday so i dont mind haha. 

5k is 3.1 miles my PB to date is 23:16 where i came 3rd in that race of women it was very exciting i do enjoy his distance but i prefer 10k so double that distance to 6.2. anybody else done any 5ks? whats peoples PB’s? what races are people doing next?

On wednesday night i did the memorial race for Barney on the 17th of August, if you did it – let me know how you got on, leave a comment come and say hey, i didnt do great but i had a lot of chest pain, but im happy, alive and running for my amazing friend Barney. Im currently on holiday now so wont be doing any races but excited for some warm weather training and crucial resting. let me know what races you are all doing next!

thanks again for reading and keeping up to date,
much love J

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