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so this weekend just gone was totally beautiful, Sunday the 31st of July i spent the day with my mum, best friend and her mum. (which is my mummys best friend and like an auntie to me)

we went to the Kenwick Spa in Louth, close to where we live for the day. It was a long day starting from 9am till 7pm including travelling but it was super. It took us 45 minutes to get there and the same back.

to start the day we had a ‘welcome drink’ a cocktail which was so yummy and we had a chill in the hanging chairs before we started, we then had a tour of the spa and showed to our lockers where we got our own slippers, flannel and dressing gown which was super fluffy and cosy, after that we got our swimsuits on and set off around the spa.

we had a go in the swimming pool, which was quite big and we did do a little bit of swimming a few lengths of free style, then we went in the hot jacuzzi super bubbly and warm, i could have stayed there all day, next was the hydrotherapy pool which had lots of bubbles and jaccuzi like areas which had shoots of water that helped massage certain parts of your body.

we then moved on into the ice room which was basically very cold with chunks of ice in it, to rub into our bodies, we didn’t stay in here very long! next we had a foot spa which helped exfoliate the feet and we just sat and chatted. We then went into the steam room which is wet heat and then the sauna which is dry heat, a very different kind of heat, and then an aromatherapy room which was like the steam room with a nice smell helping you feel relaxed and stress free.

after that we then went for our treatments i had a facial, a short back massage and a seaweed wrap. Which was all amazing using ‘Elemis’ products it was very relaxing that was about an hour long felt so good after, the wrap was a bit smelly but then the lotion from the masses and a shower soon to that away, the affect of the wrap was to help remove and flush toxins away, it soon work i was at the toilet peeing all the time! soon worked..

then we had a lunch which i had jacket potato and prawns and fruit salad and lots or water i kept seeing on and on.. after we went to the relaxation room had juice and more fruit and a little sleep, the room was dark and film with relaxing music and comfy chairs.  We then went in the pool again for a little swim and a chill. after we got changed had a coffee and set off on the travel home. The day was £85 all in including food, spa, fitness suite and treatment.. it was well worth the money, we were brilliantly looked after and i cant wait to go again. The perfect relaxing sunday with my best friends.

happy me today,
much love J

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