Tanning Tuesday

Tanning Tuesday

Portugal has been truly amazing, and the sun is beautiful out here, so different to back in the UK it actually shows its face!

Ha so its hot all day, from like 8/9am till 6/7pm, no clouds. Its been hot/warm in the evenings this August too!, every year whenever we have come before its had a slight chill in the evening but apparently there is some kind of storm thats come over from South Africa that they think maybe affecting the tempreture off the atlantic ocean,  whatever its brill i love the sea warm.

I know you must respect the sun and your body so i lather the suncream in. This also helps with the tan, for sure. i start my holiday off with 50/30 factor on as i am pale and fair haired then i work my way down over the course of the days i eventually can use oil as for a fair person i do tan ok!

I do get a good tan from laying there, changing sides, i walk about and always pop inside to  rehydrate when too hot, i love to have a glow and look healthy and not like death for once (haha im very pale usually)
I like to keep busy when tanning – I spent some time in the pool, some time writing, some time typing some time painting my nails and sleeping on my lounger so i felt busy while trying to catch my tan thats the main thing as i get bored easy i like to do stuff rather than just lay there. But it was so relaxing and just what i needed, now im chilled out with a healthy glow.

What is your favourite sun cream?

What do you do to mouisterise your tan?

What do you do once your home – for your tan?

Do you use after-sun?

What helps pro-long your tan?

I need your tips, i want to hear from you,leave  your comments below!

Always get in the sun it is vitimin D and your body needs it, it can help bone health and also may play a role in muscle metabolism and it may affect the way the body works and its performance too! Vitamin D is not in many foods, so its best to get outside and get in that sun, it will help!- but do protect yourself too, a friend of mine died of skin cancer and i know how important it is take care, so take note and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Happy holidays
Much Love J x

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