Training Ts

Training Ts

Oct 3, 2016, 7:03:08 PM Sport

well well well.. training gear! I certainly have lots of it.. Why? cause most of it is usually in the wash, so you need spare as im always training and also for all weather types, a different outfit is needed for every race, plus i love training clothes and spend my chill time in training clothes, so i like to buy lots for the fun off it!
makes i like –




usa pro

and primarks own brand of sports wear

reasons to have items –

comfort – key thing to clothing i have to be comfy, especially with sports bras and high waisted shorts/leggings/capris

lightweights – items need to be lightweight and not stick to me when its sweaty or the weather is bad.

baggy – i like items a little bigger and baggy so i feel free like can move and stretch really well.

mixture – of shorts shorts, capris, long thermal leggings, sports bras, vest, crop tops and Ts a mix for the different weather occurrences.  

as for trainers they need to fit properly, fit the foot properly and be light weight and supportive, mainly of my high instep/arch, my trainers are very important to support my feet and my legs, my favourites at the moment are adidas pure boost x a running trainer made for women and  I will be doing a review on these trainers soon to so watch out for that! But previoudly i have loved nike free runs to, as they stretch and move around the foot and the foot rolls across the floor. 

i like matching items, i go for orange, pinks and blues, but also a mix and match of items sometimes, usually bright colours so i can always be seen. 

i shop all over from eBay, to primark, depop and some branded shops, to try to get bargains and a mix and a big range of items. 

let me know what you like, what items do you prefer, what you will now buy, leave me a comment if you would like to know where any of my clothing is from, and any recommendations for me to try, i always need help, thanks for reading

             happy shopping, much love J 



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