Travel Time

Travel Time

Home time its is. Bye bye Portugal. Thats it for the Portugal Blogs.. So we are home we arrived home Tuesday the 30th of August, afternoon time. We left the villa at 8:15am so it was a long tiring day of travelling.
After the drive to the airport the 2hour and 45 minute plane journey we made it back to England, quickly grabbing the car and driving home it wasnt a bad journey but made me so tired for some reason. 
Once i got in i checked my mail andthen unpacked my suitcase. In the mail i had received my personal trainers certificate so that was exciting and my sister had passed her GCSE maths so very exciting to come home to!
Everyone was sad, some of us excited to be home in a way, i most definatly wanted to stay in Luz. But hopefully it will soon come round again soon you can see my coming home video on youtube soon. (Jaydyne Overton) check out all my videos. 
Hope everyone had a great summer i know i did. I now need to get back into routine. Now back home and back to normal training, blog writing and hopefully more video making! 
But i need your help i want your video ideas i want your blogging ideas. What do you want from me now? About me? What do you want to see? In blogs and vlogs? What questions do you ask? I will be doing some more vlogging now im back home too and i want to know what my audience wants to see.
Again thank you for all the support with this my career lately, also thank you to family and friends who know me closely. 
Hope everyone had a great summer and till next time Portugal.. Tchau! (Goodbye in Portuguese)
happy summer

much love J x

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