Truly Thankful

This is not really a blog post just a massive THANK YOU, to all that are reading, liking and sharing my blog!

i’ve had so many people come up to me saying they have started reading it, liking it or commenting on one post in particular so many people have liked and shared and have been so encouraging toward this.

i was scared to start this all to begin with, now i enjoy it, i find it therapeutic and i love sharing and helping people. its crazy how something that may have happened to you may really help, encourage and push someone to keep going with something going on in their life.

anyone debating doing this or something like this don’t debate just do what you want no matter what others think, find yourself, be yourself haters always gonna hate let them waste their energy doing that.

so again a massive thank you to those who have encouraged me to do this, follow some of my other goals, who have supported me in becoming a personal trainer and have believed in me and some of my other aspirations. 

thank you to those who never gave up on me – i am a runner with a muscular skeletal condition – many think ‘oh how silly, give it up, find a new hobby’ thank you to those, who still believe i can overcome it! your the ones that make it count, make me happy and we need more people like you. 

so many thanks
much love J x

(pictures below – celbrating qualifying as a personal trainer last saturday some of my family and support around me)


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