Virgin Vlogger

Virgin Vlogger

yes thats right i have never vlogged in my life, I’m guessing the meaning of the term  is a video log, well to day i began, a youtube video anyway..
my first video is not in diary form but a bit of a chat, its the ‘get to know me tag’, i chose this as my first video so i could follow questions and tell you a little bit about me before i start with my blogs, rants and raves over youtube.

youtube has taken a storm over the past few years, giving people the opportunity to voice their opinions and lets face it, lots of people want to, some want to do it, and don’t because the fear of being judged, well i don’t care what people think, its been suggested i try it, so i am, in the hope of helping people and giving them a little giggle to i suppose.

my videos will be varied, from getting to know me, my life, my family, and friends, to my training, lifestyle, and of course pranks.. I’m quite excited by this and i hope you can share that with me.

i beleive in encouraging anything and everything, someone wants to do, so give it a go!

so here is my youtube video link below check it out, leave a comment and any advice I’m happy to take!

happy watching
Much Love J


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