7 Stylish TV Characters for Inspiration

7 Stylish TV Characters for Inspiration

Have you ever liked a TV character for their style ? It certainly makes them more interesting. Here are 7 Stylish Characters from various TV Shows and Movies that have great style. 

  1. Cher Horowitz from Clueless-As mentioned in my 7 Most Fashionable Movies Ever post on my blog, Clueless is my favorite movie. This is partly due to the fashion featured in this film. Cher's spinning closet and knee-high socks left an impression on almost every fashion-forward 90's kid.
  2. Dionne from Clueless-Dionne also sported many stylish and daring fashion choices in the movie. I especially loved her plaid black-and-white outfit with the "Dr. Seuss" hat. 
  3. Olivia Pope from Scandal-This Crisis Comm genius is always dressed professional with matching suits and neutral-colored statement coats. There's nothing like seeing a woman that's good at what she does and looks the part, too!
  4. Whitley Gilbert from A Different World-The Southern Belle of Hillman College always looked glamorous and put-together. It helps that Diahann Carroll, who played her mother, was exquisite and classy as well. 
  5. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl-Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf never disappointed with her Preppy schoolgirl style, featuring plaid skirts, tights and headbands.
  6. Hillary Banks from Fresh Prince-Hillary Banks was confident and poised and could rock bright colors, shoulder pads, chunky jewelry and matching sets while still looking glam. 
  7. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's-Last but certainly not least, Holly Golightly is one of the most iconic characters in the fashion world. She is an inspiration to many fashionistas, including Blair Waldorf. 


Whose style do you like the most from this list? Who else belongs on the list? Also, check out my blog theglamisland.wordpress.com.

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