Why Creativity Feeds the Soul

Why Creativity Feeds the Soul

Creativity comes from a quiet place inside each of us.  If we choose to release it, the results can be awesome.

Creativity can inspire, entertain and fascinate.  It can also make us pause in amazement.

Based on my own experience, as well as the insights of wise people who came before me, there are a few other interesting, more subtle benefits of creative expression:


Creativity, whether it be with ideas, objects or drawings, is a natural, free way of expressing ourselves, and this experience can lead to self-discovery.

When we flex our creative muscles, we let ourselves find the joys we experienced as kids.  This can become what some people refer to as "your calling" or purpose.

Creativity can spark a new hobby or career.  It can be the reason why you want to get out of bed in the morning - the inspiration that draws you into a productive process.

Creativity can be your "purpose of the day".


Creativity is honest and real, which makes it very personal.  It can be a product of one's experience, or an inspiration that develops from many ideas, with each originating from a different place.

Objects of art and crafts often generate feeling.  They can also express ideas.

Occasionally, a creation can move us in a way that cannot be easily explained.  It can make us stand still, pause and ponder.  It can offer insight and understanding that was previously foreign to the observer.

Creativity can serve as an engaging glimpse into the heart and mind of the creator.


A little creativity enables us to experience things in different ways, which can make a normally mundane activity more interesting.

Trying new ingredients in the kitchen can add variety to evening meals.

Listening to new music introduces new beats and rhythms to your life (I like to listen to music while I perform repetitive tasks).

A creative hobby or job introduces frequent opportunities to tackle unique challenges.  The creative process often leads to learning and discovery, which can bring excitement into your day.

Creativity makes day-to-day activities more interesting.


The creative process enlightens the creator, and the creation itself serves as a gift to those that appreciate it.  

The creator benefits from introspection, learning and discovery.  The recipient, or observer, benefits from the inspiration, understanding or entertainment.

Valuable creations are often the product of persistent pursuit, significant effort and unquestionable feeling.  The amount of energy poured into the process often determines the strength of impression it makes on the audience.

The impact may not be fleeting.  In many cases, the creations add value for lifetimes.  They can be enjoyed by future generations and shared by people on the other side of the planet.

Creativity produces unique ideas, experiences and objects that can become amazing gifts to the world.


Creativity can give your life more purpose and meaning, while drawing out your true nature.  

It can be the difference between a mundane experience and an interesting one.

It can even be your legacy.

Good Things,


...originally posted on TheHolisticBlueGuy.com.

Published by J.B. Riebel

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