Thoughts on bullying and domestic terrorism

Thoughts on bullying and domestic terrorism

A recent episode of the TV show Criminal Minds featured the FBI profilers comparing bullying to terrorism, saying for those being bullied the impact is similar, especially when there is a violent component.

Following the recent election, we’ve been treated to bullying on a massive scale by  mobs of sore-loser snowflakes and paid agitators throwing massive temper tantrums in many of our cities. Local citizens who voted with the winning side are afraid to admit it for fear of loss of relationships, jobs, or worse.

How is this different from terrorism?

While I’m unaware of any suicide bombers among these social justice warriors determined to overturn the results of an honest election, the balance of the rioters’ arsenal is frighteningly similar to that of the terrorists: destruction of property, verbal abuse, threats, hurling rocks and bottles, etc. They are equally intent on wiping out or suppressing those whose beliefs don’t align with theirs.

It is said that all bullies are cowards. I find it interesting that these riots are happening exclusively in enclaves known to be sympathetic to these mobs. Perhaps if they took their show on the road to fly-over, deplorables territory, they might see the wisdom in getting over themselves for the good of the nation.

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