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Thursday, October 1, 1959   Vol. C744



East Farewell – Traffic around town always gets heavy during the fall season and in the past few years it has been very noticeable and a bit disconcerting for locals. On last Friday night they were shown something they had never seen before, no one for that matter had ever seen this before, a Ford pickup body placed atop four huge tractor tires and a modified frame to hold the contraption. The monstrosity is the creation of local garage and filling station owner, Glenn Edwards, who fashioned the beast from a wrecked 1958 pickup, four oversized tractor tires, a custom made frame that sported oversized shock absorbers, and rebuilt Ford eight cylinder engine and a custom leather interior. “It was a project that I had been thinking about for a long time,” said Edwards when interviewed on Lakefront Plaza, “When I picked up the wreck I saw the body wasn’t too bad and I had the tires from one of Stanley’s old tractors (Stanley Pupeck is the master greens keeper at Reese links) and the engine fit perfectly. All I had to do was fashion the frame and suspension, give it a coat of glossy paint and there you have it. I was really tickled when Natalie (Natalie Mallard) came over and asked for a ride. We went to school together and I always had a bit of a crush on her. Don’t tell my wife, though.”

            Edwards has been driving his creation around town and drawing looks from everyone. He will just wave and smile as he slowly makes his way down Main Street and Lakeshore Drive. More often than not he will have a passenger, either his wife, Theresa, his dog, Duncan or very occasionally Miss Natalie Mallard, with his wife’s blessing.

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