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Thursday, October 15, 1959   Vol. C746



East Farewell – The annual East Farewell Farmers Market made a welcome return to the Lakefront Plaza on Saturday. The beautiful early fall weather made the whole event even more special. While most of the local farms set up stands on the roadside by their farms it is only once a year that all the farms team together and move onto the Lakefront Plaza for a massive gathering with almost any type of farm produce imaginable. Over 20 different farms were involved, including two butchers, in the open air market. Each set up their own stand and some stands were quite extravagant featuring electric lights, fans running water. One of the butchers, Hank Kellerman, set up a bar-b-que and smoked a pig that was served to very appreciative guests later in the afternoon. The stands overflowed with fresh tomatoes, carrots, corn and every root you could name. There was horseradish, onions, and tubers so large they looked artificial. There were also pumpkins squash and big and small cucumbers. Everything was presented smartly and the prices were very reasonable. The Plaza was packed from the opening at 8:00AM until closing time at 9:00PM. Many people stayed after closing, lingering at many of the tables and chairs set up around the Plaza by the farmers. Several local restaurants set up al-fresco dining areas and the warm evening just encouraged the late-nighters.

            The Farmers Market was started four years ago when a group of local farmers got together and approached the town council to set up what basically amounted to a “sell-off” of their bounty from the season. The town council was more than willing to allow the use of the Lakefront Plaza that had been recently renovated to help publicize it. It has grown every year and the crowds have grown proportionally.  One thing that has evolved is that it has become the de-facto kickoff event for the muchly anticipated Oktoberfest that is held the next weekend.

            In a show of civic pride and general goodness any of the remaining produce was donated to the local food bank. It was not a great amount, most of the bounty was bought up during the day but as the sun was setting the farmers started to close up their stands and move whatever surplus they had left over to the truck that the Food Bank had parked at the end of the Plaza. “This just shows that the farmers from East Farewell are some of the most giving and caring folks in the world,” said Food Bank Director, Alice Boothe, as she watched the beautiful leftover produce being placed in her truck. “This is all going to be very well received by the people who really need it.”

1959 Farmers Market on Lakefront Plaza



East Farewell – The Cougars had their hands full when they faced the Corning Devils last Friday. The Devils are a lot like the Cougars in personnel makeup. Both teams have a majority of veteran players and both teams played above their expectations last season. They also are both off to 2-0 season this year. This was the first test for the Cougars and they rose to the occasion by winning 14-7. It was a well-played game on both sides.

            The Cougars won the toss and opted to defend first. Normally, the Cougars like to go on offense as soon as possible. “We had heard these guys had a very strong defense and we wanted to test their offense early on,” said Coach Burcowitz after the game.

            The test turned out to be right call as the Cougars were able to hold the Devils to two first downs and a punt in the first series. The punt went down to speedy Joey Neil and he was able to return the ball back to Cougar thirty. Kevin Dugan was able to work the team down to Devils twenty five and with forth ad six Coach Burcowitz sent out little Sammy Regalia. Regalia, although small in stature is large in kicking talent, had not missed all season and had made a thirty yard field goal in as previous game. The ball was snapped and the Devil defense made a huge push up the center and trampled Dugan, the holder, and Regalia before he could even get the kick off. Dugan was able to drop on the loose ball and Regalia popped up and trotted off the field. If he was injured he did not show it and he was greeted with a lot encouraging back slaps and arm punches. The first half went back and forth until one minute left and Dugan was able to find his wide receiver, Max O’Hara streaking down the sideline after having caught his defensive counterpart in the wrong position and drop a beautiful thirty yard bomb in his arms. O’Hara scampered into the end zone for the first score of the game. Regalia ran back on the field and completed the extra point as if nothing had happened earlier. The Cougars went into halftime ahead 7-0.

            The second half opened with Cougars taking the ball down to the Devils forty and punting. The ball went into the end zone so the Devils started on their own twenty. They were able to push the Cougars back down to their own ten but as the Devils tried a sweep around the end Cougars defensive end, Daniel Green hit the Devil ball carrier, Arnold Cohen, and knocked the ball loose. Green was able to fall on the ball and stop the drive. The Cougars took over and Dugan was able to run surprisingly well against the very strong Devils defense. Between O’Toole and Neil the Cougars were able to move the ball down the Devils ten. To finish off the hard fought for drive Dugan gave the ball fullback Robbie Blackman and he rumbled the last ten yards for the score. With five minutes left the Cougars led 14-0. The Devils were not going to give up, though, on the ensuing kickoff Devils running back, Ernie Dixon, ran straight up the middle through most of the rushing Cougars and only a shoestring tackle by Green saved a touchdown. The next play the Devils showed some offensive grit and pushed the Cougar line out of the middle and let Dixon slip in for the score. They kicked the extra point and the score stood at 14-7, Cougars. The next kick off saw Joey Neil take the ball to the Devils forty eight but the drive stalled at the thirty and they had to punt. The Devils got the ball on their own twenty but they were running out of time. They tried two long passes and on the last play of the game they tried a razzle-dazzle play involving cross field passes and laterals but in the end it failed and the Cougars walked off as winners, 14-7. “That last play reminded me of our ‘Gimmick Game’, “ said Coach Burcowitz after the game referring to his famous match up at the end of the season with his long term rival/friend Coach King from the Fort Lee Captains.

            The Cougars travel to Slate Mountain the north side, to face the Canaries as they celebrate their Homecoming. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday at the North Slate Mountain High School field. There will be pre-game ceremonies to honor their Homecoming king & queen.



In a series of events in the rivalry in the nation’s space program - Maj. Gen. John Medaris - head of the Army Ordnance Missile Command - quits with Army space scientist with Wernher von Braun threatening to quit. Von Braun said his boss was quitting because of “foot dragging” in the space program. He said he may quit if his team of Army scientists at Huntsville, AL if it is not kept intact and occupied in important work. Von Braun was Germany’s top rocket expert in World War II.

President Eisenhower strips the Army of its space responsibilities and transfers its rocket wizards and scientists to the civilian National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In a shakedown last year - NASA took-over the Army’s Jet propulsion laboratory at Caltech in Pasadena. The move effectively includes Huntsville and the Von Braun team.

On a crowded street corner in Havana, Roberto Hernandez tried to kill Fidel Castro with a knife - but bodyguards shunted the attack.

A heart specialist says nagging wives may be an important cause of heart disease among men. Dr. Frank Nolan of Los Angeles cites the case of a patient who was receiving an electrocardiogram. When his wife walked into the room “the needle jumped.” More men than woman die from coronary heart disease.

Passing - General George Chatlett Marshall (78) - helped lead U.S. arms to victory in World War II and fathered the cold war Marshall Plan for European Recovery.

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