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Thursday, October 16, 1958   Vol. C694



East Farewell – It has been three years but it seemed liked yesterday when the Travelers last strutted down Main Street with a League trophy in their hands. This year’s win was not the run-a-way that it looked like at the end of the season. As late as the end of July they were still mired in the middle of the standings. It wasn’t until the Travelers went on the road that they really ignited. Along with their season ending, team record tying 11 game winning streak, they put together two three and four game streaks in August and September.

            While there were many individual records set, this championship was won with a total team effort. Both the offense, led by league leading homerun king, Johnny Cloos with 35 homers this season and the iron grip defense that turned a league leading 27 double plays and a first ever unassisted triple play by Artie Archibald, worked in concert to achieve this championship. Working together as a team they were able to climb back from being dead last in the league as late as early July to run away with the league championship by two games.

            The parade started at the top of Main Street traveled down to Lake Shore Drive turned left and headed down to the Lakefront Plaza where there was a ceremony and the League Trophy was shown off. The Trophy is very large and stands almost five feet tall with crossed bats supporting a huge baseball. This is the fourth championship in this decade (previous wins in 1952, 1953 and 1955) for the Travelers and there was some talk in the crowd of a dynasty but that was quietly dismissed by the team.

            The Plaza was full for the lunchtime ceremony and even the Regional High School allowed the students an extended lunch period to attend. After the speeches and the cheering the trophy was brought up on the stage and everyone cheered and applauded. After the ceremony the trophy was placed on a table in the center of the Plaza and everyone was allowed to take a close look at it. Some even were able to reach out and touch it. The touching was suspended shortly after it started due to concern that it may damage the trophy.

            The parade and ceremony was a lead up to Octoberfest that begins Friday and runs till the end of next week. Many people have come to town for the celebration and plan to stay for the festivities next week. Some people even went so far as to postpone their summer vacation to coincide with Octoberfest, the Travelers winning the pennant was topping on the cake.

1958 League Trophy and crowd on Plaza



East Farewell – All the excitement over the Travelers winning the pennant obscured the Regional High Cougars football season start two weeks ago. This year the Cougars have a lot of new starters after the loss to graduation of quarterback, Bill Dolan, halfback, Billy Reilly and tight end, Richie McGee. This year the team is mostly juniors with only two seniors, kicker, David Galloway and Tight end, Richie McGee. Starting at quarterback this year is junior, Kevin Dugan, at halfback, Joey O’Toole, at fullback, Robby Blackman and running back, Joey Neil. Defensive end, Daniel Green and center, Louis Tiller are returning as juniors.

            The Cougars started their season two weeks ago with an away game with their arch-rivals, Slate Mountain. The Cougars youth was evident as they struggled in the first half and went into halftime trailing 14-0. In the second half they started to gain some confidence and rhythm as Dugan started to connect with Max O’Hara and Blackman started to find his style from last year. The Cougars were able to score late in the third quarter and right again on the next procession. The defense looked stronger in the second half, only allowing the Miners two first downs in the third quarter but as the fourth quarter was coming to a close and the game tied 14 all the Miners quarterback, Anthony Andrelli, unleased and long pass to senior standout, Geno Marchetti for a score with only one minute left. The Cougars tried valiantly but the Miners defense held and the Cougars lost 21-14.

            Last week was the Cougars home opener against the Riverview Wildcats and they fared much better. Dugan was able drive the opening procession down for a score with Joey Neil sweeping in from the right and Galloway adding the extra point. The Wildcats came right back and marched down the field to score with a tough ground game led by sophomore fullback, Chuckie Harrison. The game then settled down into a back and forth battle between the 20 yard lines with neither team able to break out. While there were some good plays both teams they also were charged with penalties at crucial times taking the wind out of their collective sails. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Cougars were able drive down to the Wildcat’s 18 yard line and on third down with only 40 seconds left Coach Burcowitz send in David Galloway to attempt a field goal. This was Galloway’s first attempt this season but he had been nearly perfect last season (8-11). The ball was snapped, Dugan was the holder, the ball was placed, Galloway connected and sent the ball straight through the uprights for the score. Time ran out and the Cougars enjoyed their first win of the season, 10-7.

            Next week the Cougars host the Coring Devils on Friday afternoon. The game begins at 4:00PM on the Regional High School field.



America takes a lead ... The X-15 rocket plane makes its debut on the West Coast. On hand, Vice- President Richard Nixon who said - “The United States of America has recaptured the lead - first place - in the race to outer space.” The rocket is capable of sending a man 100 miles into space at a speed of 4000mph. 

President Eisenhower flies to Los Angeles and in a speech, told the Republicans there to end the bickering. “Let’s have no more family bickering - fancied or real. It just helps defeat what we want.” The President conceded that Republicans have their “family spats” but as for the democrats, their party “is not one – but two political parties with the same name. One wing, said the president, has already settled its campaigns in southern primaries while the other extreme, the stronger wing, is dominated by political radicals…

President Eisenhower thanks American servicemen withdrawing from Lebanon for their exemplary role in maintaining world peace. “You have written a new and honorable chapter in the history of America’s dedication to freedom”

In Georgia - authorities break-up the marriage plans of an 11-year-old Tennessee mountain girl and her 32-year-old former pastor. The girl, who some say looks as old as 15, was taken to a juvenile detention home. The Rev. George Washington Rawlins was arrested on kidnapping charges at Maryville, Tennessee.

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