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Thursday, October 17, 1957   Vol. C630



East Farewell – A farmers market opened on Lakefront Plaza on Saturday and Sunday and sold many local grown favorites like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and all kinds of lettuce, squash and cabbage. The stands that were set up before dawn overflowed with local produce and surprisingly fruits from California. Local farmers experienced a bountiful year and were able to turn much of their surplus over to the Farmers Grange this year as several years before the Grange approached the Town Council and asked to be able to sell the surplus at a Farmers Market on Lakefront Plaza. The Council readily agreed because in the past other farmers markets have been very successful.  The market opened at 7 AM and stayed open until 7 PM. It’s seemed busy the entire time. Many people lingered after closing time as the stalls were being broken down and took advantage of the beautiful autumn evening on Lakefront Plaza. Some notable pieces of produce were pumpkins grown by a local farmer Ted Green. The pumpkins were enormous and many people marveled at not only the size but the copious amounts that were available. Folks picked up the pumpkins with intentions of creating jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween while others spoke of making pumpkin pies and some were going to do both. In the past the Council has tried to set up farmers markets throughout the summer and fall but have been unable to create a continuous event due to the myriad of uses the Plaza experiences.

            The market was a great success because of the farmer’s bountiful production. Many farmers spoke of how much they enjoyed the local market place. It gave them a chance to interact with many of their friends and neighbors and to talk to other farmers about their methods, fields, and produce. The townspeople enjoyed the market immensely while being able to buy local produce they got a chance to see and talk to the people who produced it. This year many local restaurants set up small booths with tables and chairs and offered different delicious entrées made from the local produce. There was even a small stage set up where local country star, Charlie Green, played for two afternoon sessions and entertained the crowd with many of his country hits.

            Once again it will remain to be seen if the town Council will make any move on making the Farmers Market a more permanent feature on the Lakefront plaza but for now the town will have to be satisfied with the occasional fall appearance of the East Farewell Farmer’s Market.


1957 Farmer’s Market with Ted Green and his pumpkins



Corning - The Cougars suffered their first defeat of the young season when they met the Corning Devils on Saturday. The day started off on a positive note for the Cougars as they took the opening kickoff back down to the Devils 25 yard line. The Devils defense then stepped up and held the Cougars to a 30 yard field goal attempt by Galloway that went wide left. The Devils took over on their own 35 and were able to drive down to the Cougars 20 where the Cougars defense stiffened and forced a Devils field goal attempt that also went wide left. The first quarter was a series of back and forth drives between both teams 20 yard lines. In the second quarter both defenses remained intact and it wasn’t until the last minute of the first half that any score occurred. With two minutes left and the ball on the Devils 45 yard line with the Devils in possession, Devils quarterback Arthur Richman threw a short screen to Devils wide receiver Josh Simmons that turned into a 30 yard gain. The next play Richman went back to Simmons for another completion and Simmons ran in for the score. The half ended with the Cougars trailing 7-0. The second half started with the Cougars kicking off to the Devils and the Devils receiver, Bill Newkirk, fumbled the ball. The Cougars were able to recover on the Devils 25 yard line. Cougars quarterback, Bill Dolan, did not waste any time driving the team in for a score with fullback Robbie Blackman leading the charge. Dave Galloway added the extra point and the game was tied at seven. Both defenses played superb games not letting either offense come within 35 yards of either goal line for the rest of the third quarter and well into the fourth quarter. There were two minutes left when Richman let a long bomb soar past a pressing Cougars defense and into the arms of wide receiver Dave Miller. Miller was able to out run Cougars defender Walter Davis and score the go ahead touchdown. The Devils were able to convert the extra point and with only 40 seconds left on the clock the Cougar’s last attempt by Dolan to wide receiver Max O’Hara was a little too long for O’Hara to pull in. The game ended with the Devils on top 14 to 7.

            Next week the Cougars travel to Slate Mountain on the north side to face the Slate Mountain Canaries as the Canaries celebrate their homecoming. The game will begin in Slate Mountain’s Stadium at 3:00 after an opening ceremony staged by the Slate Mountain Homecoming Committee.



President Eisenhower makes an unexpected appearance on Broadway where the First Lady was attending a performance of the hit musical “My Fair Lady.”  The President arrived after speaking at a dinner meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria. Few in the audience realized the first couple was even there until after the show. The show stars Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews.

Fortune Magazine identifies J.P. Getty as the richest man in the world – worth between $700 million and a billion dollars. Other names on the list include the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Astors and Fords.

A bomb thrown from the public gallery in Jerusalem injures Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and four of his ministers. The bomb thrower is identified as Moshe Ben Jacob. Police quoted him as saying he had a grudge against Youth Alyah, an organization for the immigration, training and absorption of new immigrants in Israel.  Ben-Gurion received injuries from splinters in the hands and left leg.

J. Edgar Hoover puts out 10 rules for teenagers entitled - Don’t Invite Trouble!  Some of the tips include - “Stay out of lover’s lanes” - experience shows that they are favorite haunts of sex criminals... “Don’t go about the house half-dressed” - it’s an invitation to peeping Toms... “If you know of any pornographic pictures or literature being passed around, notify your parents immediately” - obscene reading matter is a favorite habit of the degenerate.

In Doylestown, PA -A state police lieutenant orders Mrs. Anna Werner Casey to stop using the Pennsylvania Turnpike as a private driveway. The lieutenant said that Mrs. Casey would sometime drives up the turnpike and cuts off across private land to her home.

Canned milk concentrate is developed at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  The milk maintains its fresh flavor even when kept on grocery shelves for several months without refrigeration. The new process will make it possible to market milk in cans.

Errol Flynn, who started a game of “hide the badge” during a Screen Publicist’s Ball, winds up being arrested as a drunk after a policeman didn’t get his badge back. Officer Bill Friedman made the arrest after Flynn started passing his badge around after taking it and began hunting for it. His female companion said she tucked it in a glove and promptly lost the badge.

David Nelson turns 21 and is given $250 thousand from a trust set up by father Ozzie for his radio and now TV work on “Ozzie & Harriet.”


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