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Thursday, October 2, 1958   Vol. C692



East Farewell – The second remote radio broadcast was transmitted from the Lakefront Plaza on Saturday night. The broadcast was a concert and put on by WPAZ from Corning and the East Farewell Business Association. It was a bit of technical wizardry put on by the WPAZ engineers but not the first time they have done it. Back in 1955 the same crew broadcast a live concert from the same location to enormous acclaim. This time around the stars of the show where local favorite Charlie Green and his country band, crooner, Michael Tiller and the Rebels, a young group playing the youth sound.

            The Plaza was packed for the free concert and with the Travelers clinching the title the mood was festive to say the least. Many local restaurants set up bistros to serve snacks and drinks. The crowd was loud but orderly. The music started at 8:30 and ran for a full hour. WPAZ DJ Frankie Learner MC’d the event and each act played several selections and there was an all hands on deck finale with everyone on stage playing very popular tunes and finishing with the crowd favorite “Goodnight Irene” The radio broadcast went off technically perfect and chief engineer, Sam King, was very happy. “This type remote is not new to us but we love coming here. The folks are so nice and the Plaza has great natural sound. I know Charlie (Green) personally so this was really fun for me,” King said after the concert.

            Even though television has been making enormous gain in viewership recently radio still holds a huge audience, especially in the more rural areas. The technology of the radio remote continues to improve also and every remote shows improvement in sound quality and broadcast clarity. The Business Association says it it trying to make the remote a yearly event but there are a lot of details to work out. Hopefully, these problems can be worked out and everyone can enjoy more remote radio.

Frankie Lerner kicks off the show with Sam King looking on



East Farewell – The Travelers returned home on Saturday as conquering heroes and set about sealing their first place finish in the Eastern League standings. There are only two weeks left in the season and the Travelers enjoy a three game lead in the standings thanks to their blazing nine game winning streak game winning streak, all road games. If they win any of the remaining games they would seal first place.

            As it turns out the Travelers were able to seal first place with a gritty pitcher’s duel between the Slate Mountain Miners ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo and Traveler’s ace Joe Nagy.  Both showed why they are the leading pitchers in the league. Each with his own style, Angelo relying on his mystifying curve and sinker and Nagy using his almost unhittable fastball to twist batters into unflattering poses as they swung hopelessly at a ball that was not where they thought it was. The fans were treated to some free baseball as the game went 12 innings and finally ended somewhat anti climatically with the Travelers scoring a run off Miner’s reliever, Billy Turnbull in the bottom of the 12th after Angelo had to leave the game after he was hit in the right hand with a line drive hit by Bobby Watson. It was learned after the game that Angelo was not seriously hurt, only a bruise on his wrist but enough to force him from the game.

            The two aces collectively struck out a record 23 batters in their classic duel. They allowed only six hits and they walked only two. There were no errors and surprisingly one stolen base which led to one of the three runs scored. The game was scoreless until the sixth inning when the Miners were able to get on the board with two hits and a walk in Nagy’s worst inning. The Travelers were able to tie it up in the eighth with two doubles by Francis and Franks. The final blow came from who else but Johnny Cloos. After Angelo reluctantly left the field to a standing ovation reliever Turnbull came in to face Cloos. Turnbull is in his second year and has had a fairly good record as a reliever, 7-2, this year. The first batter he faced was the league’s leading home run hitter and he had never faced Cloos before. Turnbull took Cloos to three and two and then tried to get a fastball by him. Cloos was waiting and connected with his 30th dinger of the season.

It was a walk off end to a fantastic pitching gem.

            The fans in East Farewell are a knowledgeable group and the capturing of the league crown was met with a mass of fans surging onto the field to congratulate the team. There was lots of dancing, singing and back slapping. The team was unable to leave the field for almost an hour. The championship was the first since 1955 and their fifth overall. Of course there will be a parade for East Farewell’s favorite sons. The details will be released next week. Congratulations to the 1958 Travelers, a job well done.

            The season is not over and the Travelers will face the Riverview Anglers next Saturday to finish off the season. Although the game is meaningless to the Travelers other than finishing off the season with an eleven game winning streak, the Anglers are hot in the running for second place and a win would secure that for them. The game begins at 1:30 at the Ballpark.



Vatican radio announces the death of Pius XII “The Pope of Peace.” The Pope (82) suffered two strokes. He was the 261st Pope and the first to die outside Rome since the 18th century.

President Eisenhower calls on “all Americans, public officials and private citizens alike” to recognize their duty of obeying the Supreme Court’s school desegregation decree. With the reaffirmation, he warned the South that any course but compliance “Would be fraught with grave consequences to our nation”

The FBI broadcasts a nationwide alert for 28 year-old Aaron Burgett, who may have used homemade plastic water wings to become the first convict known to escape from Alcatraz Prison Another prisoner, who was recaptured, said that he and Burgett fashioned water wings from old plastic bags found discarded on “the rock.” Warden Paul Madigan thinks Burgett either drowned or is still on the Island. The San Francisco FBI says “we’ve got to proceed on the possibility that Burgett has left the island”

500 cheered the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr as he left Harlem Hospital on the road to recovery from a serious stab wound. King will stay in New York City for three weeks for medical checks then convalescence at his home in Montgomery, AL

In Richmond, VA, a workman falls 147 feet from a smokestack under construction and is listed in satisfactory condition. X-rays showed no broken bones.

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