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Thursday, October 22, 1959   Vol. C747



East Farewell – The East Farewell Oktoberfest opened last Friday and will run through this weekend, closing on Sunday night. The Fairgrounds have been transformed into a little bit a Bavaria for the event. Along with the four very long tents covering very long tables with very long benches there was a midway set up in between the tents that had stalls offering all sorts of Oktoberfest paraphernalia like hats and female wigs as well as giant mugs and pitchers. The rear entrance to the Fairgrounds was opened again this year and the Fun Pier was opened for the week. Inside the tents a small army of waiters and waitresses who were hired from all around the area were dressed in traditional Bavarian outfits and moved up and down the tables with their arms full of pitchers of beer, roasted chickens and sausages. The gates open every day at 11:00AM and stay open until 11:00PM. The hours were adjusted from last year to better accommodate the crowds. This year the estimated attendance is for the whole week is over 15, 000 people.

            The Oktoberfest is in its fifth year and has had increased attendance every year. This year the expected attendance is going to be larger than even the first year when the event ran for two weeks. More and better advertising is the generally accepted reason for the continued increase. “Every year they seem to come up with an even better ad campaign. The word of mouth also has a lot to do with bringing in the people. My place was sold out almost a month in advance this year,” said Mrs. Mallard, local boarding house owner, when asked about the crowds.

            There were Oom-pah bands in each tent that added atmosphere and in the evenings local bands shared the stages. Once again this year the new type of light bulbs were installed that gave a flickering flame look that added even more atmosphere. The fancy lights were mostly ornamental and the tents had long lines of florescent lights to handle the true lighting chores. All along the midway floodlights illuminated the stalls and walk ways. The entire area was so bright during the nights that it could be seen from the new interstate highway that was located almost 10 miles to the south.

            The huge influx of visitors to town was a welcome boost to the businesses and made for a sort of “Indian Summer” for the retail community. Oktoberfest has become a very popular early fall event in East Farewell and each year it becomes bigger and better.

East Farewell Oktoberfest 1959



Slate Mountain – It was Homecoming for Slate Mountain. While it seems early in the season for a homecoming the weather on Slate Mountain is highly unpredictable and there is usually snow by November. Regardless, the Canaries have traditionally celebrated their homecoming early and last year the Cougars lost a heartbreaker 24-21. This year the Cougars went in riding a convincing two game winning streak and expectations were high and the team was ready. The Canaries were ready, too. This year the Canaries were fielding a mixed team of returning seniors on defense and younger, less experienced players on offense. The Canaries quarterback is a junior, Sam Wright, who did see some action last year but came in off the bench later in the games. They have a wide receiver, Michael Garner who is a sophomore and their lead running back is also a sophomore, Davey Thompson. The Canaries ended in the middle of the standings last year, behind the Cougars.

            This year was surprisingly similar to last year’s game. The Cougars started out strong scoring on their second possession. Dugan handed off to Big Robbie Blackman who rumbled in from four yards out and little Sammy Regalia added the extra point. By the end of the first half the score was tied 14-14 after the teams traded scores. The Canaries Wright looked very strong completing 6 of his seven passes and using Thompson effectively on the short yardage plays.

            The third quarter was a battle between the thirty yard lines but in the fourth quarter Dugan was able to lay a beautiful pass right on Max O’Hara’s hands as he split to the outside. O’Hara faked inside and went outside leaving his defend stumbling. He ran in for the score. When Sammy Regalia came in to attempt the extra point a sloppy snap from center Louis Tiller caused holder, Dugan to try to pick up the ball and run outside. He was wrapped up and the Canaries smelled their chance. With only two minutes left Wright was able to hit a streaking Michael Gardner on the right sideline. Gardner was able to make it all the way down to the one yard line finally being brought down by Daniel Green. Wright was able to muscle in on a quarterback sneak and tie the score at 20 all. Canaries’ kicker, Bill Zander was able to kick the extra point with only 20 seconds left on the clock. The Cougars tried a last minute bomb to O’Hara but it was knocked down and the fans went wild. For the second year in a row they had pulled out a win in the last minute of play against a very competitive team. “They played a great game, I feel bad for Louis, he fells terrible. Apparently the ball hit his leg as he was snapping it and it just went off from there. These guys were good, though, they won fair and square,” said Coach Burcowitz after the game, “We aren’t going to let this get us down, we are still confident in our skills and abilities. We will come back next week, I’m sure of that.”

            Next week will not be all that easy, the Cougars stay on the road when they travel to match up against the Central Bears in Centerville. The Bears are the league’s defending champs and have many returning players. The game is a Saturday game and begins at 1:30PM on the Central High Football field.



The government arrests more than 50 “counter-revolutionaries” and demands the extradition from the United States of former air force Maj. Pedro Diaz Lanz in connection with a rebel “air raid” last week. Mounting tension between Cuba and the U.S. grows. Cuban President Osvaldo Dortico’s rejection of the U.S. State Department note was presented by U.S. Ambassador Philip Bonsai.

Also, island-wide meetings were held in protest against alleged air raids and bombings from the United States and U.S. authorities were condemned all over Cuba.

Day-long radio announcements appeal to all Cubans to donate their salaries to enable Cuba to buy jet fighters to “defend its national territory”

Postmaster General Summerfield confirms that a facsimile mail test between Los Angeles and Washington over a “secret circuit” has been conducted. If it comes to fruition, a cheaper rate of telegram transmission is hinted. The cost of sending such a message from the West to the East coast would be only $7.00 compared to $36.95 by conventional telegram. In addition to printed messages, the process will handle drawings, hand written messages and other documents except photographs.


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